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  1. Wryter47

    Would you like to spend the rest of your life in Argentina?

    I moved her permanently in 2005 and except for one trip back to the US long ago to atttend my High School's 50th, have not been back since. As you can see by the picture, I'm married and my family really is hers since I have no living relatives (a "cosmic orphan") and I have no "reason" to...
  2. Wryter47

    Probably 493rd time for this question.

    Somehoiw I had the idea that my SSA check, in dollars, would be received thus and I would be able to withdraw those dollars from the bank (and, obviously, sell them at the cueva). I think the idea was a "dollar account" where the institution was Argentine and they let you receive your check in...
  3. Wryter47

    Probably 493rd time for this question.

    Is it possible to have my Social Security check deposited directly to a bank here in BsAs? I have resisted such before but the hassle of having the check go to my bank in NY and then being passed on to me in dribs and drabs via Western Union seems perhaps a little stupid (a condition not...
  4. Wryter47

    Happy Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving to all us US persons who are (some happily) missing the celebrations up North. And to those who do repros here.
  5. Wryter47

    Virus survives 28 days in paper money

    And you gotta be careful which finger you use, too.
  6. Wryter47

    Vice Presidential Debate

    I continue to be surprised every four years at the low quality of major candidates for the top two offices in the US. None of the four seems to have even a modicum of smarts in terms of US political history. Even a candidate as eccentric as Lyndon Johnson could reel off the top ten social and...
  7. Wryter47

    Maximum visa runs to Uruguay

    Long ago I went to Carmelo every six months and was only asked once why I kept getting temp visas instead of getting a permanent one. I told the guy my application was in process and he said okay. But no one was friendly ... don't know why.
  8. Wryter47

    How much is the Arg. peso really worth?

    Just to note that this morning I got 124 pesos per dollar from Western Union transfer from my PayPal card. For what it's worth.
  9. Wryter47

    Where do you expect to be in one year's time?

    No matter where (prefer here) I just hope it's on this side of the grass.
  10. Wryter47

    How far will $1500 a month go in the interior

    My favorite Scrabble word is SYZYGY, which is when at least three planets are in a line. I forgot how many points.
  11. Wryter47

    How much is the Arg. peso really worth?

    A lot of people used to go to Uruguay on the morning boat from Tigre, buy pesos there, and come back on the afternoon boat. Those halcyon days are long gone, sadly!
  12. Wryter47

    Chile vs Argentina: Whose military would prevail if it came to war?

    Someone likened such a conflict as "two balding old men fighting over a comb." Silly but came to mind anyway.
  13. Wryter47

    Stimulus check

    Mine just arrived in my retirement account last week. Seems expats' payments take longer to organize, or something. All my friends in the US received theirs within a couple of weeks of the initiation of the program. But better nate than lever.
  14. Wryter47

    Safe Towns in Argentina with Inexpensive Private Schools

    I lived in Washington more than 20 years and never heard Maret mentioned in the same breath, scholastically, as Sidwell Friends (the top), National Cathedral School for Girls, or St. Alban's for boys. Could have changed since 2005 but not much.
  15. Wryter47

    Keeping the quarantine versus adding ICUs

    The USA is just awful when it comes to observing the niceties of protection. My pals in Manhattan tell me that still less than half the people (guesstimate) are wearing masks, and cuaranteening is treated with very little respect. And yet even with conditions worsening things are opening up...
  16. Wryter47

    Safe Towns in Argentina with Inexpensive Private Schools

    Bariloche is a big city, maybe 500,000 people and close to being the second largest in Argentina... Has everything you're looking for, I think, and perhaps a bit safer than other cities. Dunno.
  17. Wryter47

    Choosing health care for newcomers

    I've been here nearly 15 years and had ODSE the whole time for me and for my Argentine wife. I've had two moderately important surgeries and several key visits to clinics and physicians, and have found the system to be quite comprehensive. I can recommend it.
  18. Wryter47

    Lockdown could last another 6 to 10 weeks

    In NYC shops have just opened on their own and closed when they feel like it. Friend of mine lives in lower Harlem and says life is surprisingly normal from the viewpoint that he can take his morning run early, get to a fast food place for takeout, and in the afternoons he has been enjoying...
  19. Wryter47

    Any recommendations for high quality chicken delivery?

    Do you mean high quality chicken or high quality delivery? Or both...