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    Acoustic Open Mike Night 20th Sept in Red House 8-11

    Hey guys, I am playing in a band here in BA, but would love to come down and play some acoustic solo stuff I am working on. I would like to come down and play if I am available, but I am not sure yet... What are the set times available and how long do the stage time last? Thanks, hope to hear...
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    Musicians In BA!!

    Hi Katie, I have tried to post the link, it is telling me that my post has to be approved first before it will be shown. That would be great if I could have a listen! You can email me at: [email protected] Sam
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    Hola from 2 brand new expats!!

    Hi Guys, I have just turned 25, well up for a night out! I am from London and currently living in BA, PM me the details Sam
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    Musicians In BA!!

    ok it didn't so let me try again, I am starting to get to grips with technology, haha!
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    Musicians In BA!!

    Hi Katie, Not sure if my previous message was posted as I put a link in it and I am so new to this that I am unsure of how to send a "PM" I am very interested, and can forward you a track by email?? Let me know, thanks for the reply S
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    Musicians In BA!!

    Hi Katie, I have a live recording on the link below, I am very interested, it would be great to start playing again! Try that link, if you can't listen to the tracks then let me know, The quality is not the best, I would...
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    Musicians in Buenos Aires!

    Hey Guys, I am looking to start a band in BA as soon as possible, I am a singer/bassist, I have been playing for many years and am looking for keen Expats to start a band, playing local bars/clubs and maybe even more. I play Blues, rock, indie, funk, folk and many other genres. I am generally...
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    Musicians In BA!!

    Hi All, I am a singer/Bassist currently living in Buenos Aires, is there anyone out there that would be interested in a Jam session with the idea of perhaps creating a band? My main influences include: Pearl Jam, RHCP, Hendrix, Killers, BB King and basically any other types of Blues, Rock...
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    Another Newcomer!

    Hola chico's! I have recently moved to Buenos Aires, I am looking to hopefully meet some fellow expats on here mainly for social reasons, but also as eventually I may need to find a job out here, and trust me I really aim to stay here! Isn't it the most beautiful city! Please let me know of any...