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    The Motorcycle Diaries (The Movie)

    This is a 2004 film shot in Argentina, Chile and Peru. The early minutes were filmed in BsAs. It's in Spanish without subtitles. Stream it here: If possible use an...
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    Another Mass Shooting In The Us...

    Both conventions are National Security Events under control of Secret Service and FBI among others. Look for hypocracy elsewhere.
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    No More Reciprocity Fee For Us Passport Holders

    Not true. On this Trump is correct. This from 3 months ago:
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    Currency Re-Design

    Out with the old (Evita and Falklands) and in with the new (deer and Condor).
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    Non-Fantasy Football

    The link I posted on my end (usa) provides all sports today. Here's the link for the live feed for the Mich Stat vs Oregon, currently live. If it's a no go for Arg I can't offer an alternative. or maybe this:
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    Non-Fantasy Football

    Try this. Let us know.
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    Fantasy Football

    An article on todays Bloomberg website re Fantasy Leagues and the gambling aspect.
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    Question For Folks Who Have Spent Time In Medellin

    I'm currently in Medellin. Everything said in post #4 is spot on. Sweetening the deal, at the moment the strong dollar gives high value for all purchases for those with access to dollars especially restaurants and transportation. Taxi drivers that I've encountered are polite, honest, ready to...
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    Spine Surgery Question

    Wow, that's major league surgery. You definitely want to have this done in the country in which you reside. There will be lots of follow up exams and there is always the chance of complications which the operating surgeon would address. Are you familiar with the spine health forum? Volumes of...
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    The Best Reason Now To Be An Expat In Argentina...

    Of course this is an attempt at humor, satire. The author, Borowitz is a comedian, satirist. You do know this. Don't you?
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    Is The Economy Dead In Argentina?

    Yet another cheap shot by the forum's very own cheap shot artist. You come across as a bully. Bullys are punks. Are you a punk? Nah, no need to answer that.
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    Life In Floripa > Life In Bsa Note #1.
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    Obamacare: Do Expats Need To Buy Health Insurance?

    Actually the insurance premiums are not the tax. The tax is the penalty one pays for not paying for the premiums, for not having insurance . Note the second paragraph here for Chief Roberts exact words...
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    Beware of RentingBA (not RentinBA)!

    HaHaHaHaHa Means no, you can't ask
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    How to watch US TV

    Concur. Might work for a family abroad with a number of rambunctious kids or a group of guys during NFL/NCAA football season. For me--no way. But at least it's there.
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    How to watch US TV

    Money to burn? Have a neighbor to split the cost with? 200 channels to you anywhere with high speed cable.
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    Beware of RentingBA (not RentinBA)!

    This complaint can also be found on which mentions the name of the owner. He was a short time poster on this forum having multiple verbals with Sara Sara, a one time member here. Argumentative and disagreeable on other forums as well. Best to avoid, obviously. Strangely he is...
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    Dental implants.

    The implant can be placed immediately after the extraction if there is no infection present. If there is an infection it must be cleared before any procedures. Bone graft, necessary for immediate load ,and implant are placed together and in 3-9 months the implant is ready for the crown. Beware...
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    Anyone been to Medellin, Colombia?

    Yahoo Groups has a listing "ColombiaExperts. They've had administrative problems and recent activity is nonexistent but past postings are available to view to afford you a flavor of what concerns expats in Colombia. Even more info can be found at this now closed website...
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    Tips for groceries while living in Microcentro

    As my Chinese friends say, Alem long street. The green guy I use is on San Martin between Paraguay and Marcelo T. Beef and chix too. Small and sometimes closes for lunch.