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    Re: These prices are killing me - 2

    Ernie you are speak some bad words for Kirchner. You like bad men, you like bad government like Menem. You enjoy to see the poor not get any help from government so you can have your country estate in Hurlingham and your english tea. English steal from us Malvinas . We will have our...
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    new-comer with tons of questions!

    I have a friend to help me write this for I am angry about the comments left about my Argentina . this person jg always says bad things about Buenos Aires and Argentine people. He is very bad person and create lot of problems for others here with lies about this city. I suggest that any...
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    Heated Busses

    whinge whing whinge is jg way . You not like Argentine you can Leave country
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    Any opinions on health insurance, Eurosalud and Hopital Italiano?

    Sorry I dont understand this man Paul who just critisize everything in Argentiina Why you coming to this country if you think we are so unciviled?
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    Re: Slingbox - anyone have it?

    I havent been for a while and was wondering if you are now new manager with all the posts you have it must be you
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    Recoleta vs San Telmo

    How dare you say that Argentina is like Africa you are very insulting United States man . We are very clean people compared to you unshaven unwashed fat people that come from your cities. Washington is a terrible city and you critisize Argentina and Buenos Aires. We dont want you heree...
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    Information on Olivos suburb

    I dont recommend the Olivos area too far from La Capital. and not much culture.If you want to live in a gated community like everyone else try Nordeste
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    Shiatsu Massage

    what is the purpose of this post? Are you offering your services as a massage therapist? If so, you should explicitly state that (and include information about prices and where you are located) post your message on the "Services" forum. Leave that poor person alone Judge . Once again we are...
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    Welcome to my country, Expats!!

    I have not insulted you ernie nor display the level of personal insult that you have very clearly showed to me here. All I have said is this is not your country or anyones country to call their own . Its god country and when people say that it makes me laugh out loud
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    Americans & psychoanalysis

    once again we have bjrutledge telling us Argentines how to live and act. Its quite obvious if there is any way for this member to involve himself with a opinion he is there offering it . If you need to rent an apartment find a handyman or make a bit of money he is offering his wisdom on us...
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    Welcome to my country, Expats!!

    argentina is not your country ernie and noone owns it but god.
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    argentine people are the worlds most stylish and beautiful people

    Im doing this post as a testimony of the beauty that I see around me every day in this most stylish city. Portenos of most classes are well dressed elegant in their manners keep their bodies in good shape and always use`plenty of deodarant. I remember living in Usa for one year in...
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    Favourite cities/Places to live

    too many people come here and tell us how to live in argentina. I see some people here tell us what rent to pay and where to eat etc etc etc. This city was cheap once not any more with people from outside putting up price of rents and property . I like argentina to be old fashion and not...
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    Favourite cities/Places to live

    Favourite cities in argentina are these Parana for friendly people beautiful scenery and tranquil atmosphere. Mendoza for laid back charm beautiful culture and civilised peope all in a stunning setting. Also you must visit Tucuman and Cordoba for beautiful people
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    Pancake breakfast?

    pancakes can be found very easily in San Telmo in many restaurants
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    re-post argentina v nice please

    Chematuco is someone, I assume American, who had a blog for a while. I read his blog a couple of times and found it boring and decided that whoever he was, he was someone I did not particularly want to meet. I think his blog has been taken down. Apparently tanghetto is convinced that Realba and...
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    re-post argentina v nice please

    I do not beleive that argentine or chilean like each other very much . Chilean come to argentina because its cheaper and like to show off their new found wealth. If you like to see realba real views a blogger site called chematuco showed his real views on argentine people . People say one...
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    re-post argentina v nice please

    I'm english, my girlfriend is chilean...a good couple for argentina, eh? In over 2 years of living here and having travelled all over the country, we've only encountered one Argentine with your (Tanghetto) attitude and views, and he was an unreconstructed fascist. real ba you are very funny...
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    re-post argentina v nice please

    It sound like you're a little bitter and twisted, maybe you are resentful about Chile helping the British refuel their planes on Chilean soil during the Falkland conflict, or is it the little handbags they had over some little islands in the Beagle Strait. Or maybe you are just jelous because a...
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    re-post argentina v nice please

    Chile is no good country and have no friends in south america. Always try to take land from other country Bolivia peru argentina dont like chilean as they are want more land from them,. Chilean are very resentidos towards argentina because we have the best land and culture of south america.