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  1. drbonafina

    New Year's Eve

    Hi, does anyone have any clue about where to spend New Year's Eve dinner at a cool and affordable place (e.g., not an expensive hotel)?
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    THANK YOU ALL for the responses!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Do you recommend any restaurants, associations or places to spend Thanksgiving dinner? Thank you.
  4. drbonafina

    asado anyone?

    I'm in if the asado is still on...
  5. drbonafina

    Unblocking an Iphone

    Hi, I've heard horrifying stories about stores that offer to unblock cell phones from abroad (i.e., stealing parts, returning an older model, etc). Can anyone recommend a reliable store/technician to unblock an Iphone? Thanks! Marcela
  6. drbonafina

    Clinical Psychologist/Neuropscyhologist Relocating in Buenos Aires on April 1

    I will be moving to Buenos Aires on April 1 and will be accepting new clients. I will be doing psychotherapy with a very effective technique named Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. I also have a Doctoral training in Neuropsychology, specializing in learning disabiities, ADHD...
  7. drbonafina

    customs and duties

    I'm in the same boat as kevin10. I called the Argentina Consulate in LA numerous times but, for a change, they never answer the phone or returned my voicemails. Is the information described in reliable?
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    iPhone with working data on Movistar pre-paid

    Ok. Thanks! I may have to do the unlocking first...
  9. drbonafina

    iPhone with working data on Movistar pre-paid

    What does it mean "jail-broken"? Thanks!
  10. drbonafina

    Phone number in Buenos Aires

    Great! Thanks!!!
  11. drbonafina

    Phone number in Buenos Aires

    Hi, Does anybody know if, when I move to Buenos Aires, I can get a virtual US phone number (like Latinatel, or Hola Argentina)? I will still have business going on in the US, but the cost of using my cell with AT&T in Baires has proven to be ridiculously expensive. Thanks! Marcela