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    Crongresswoman Shot: AZ

    All the weapons that would be useful to overthrow a dictator or tyrannical government in the United States are already illegal. Improvised explosive devices, rocket propelled grenades, road-side bombs: as we have seen, these are the tools of an effective insurgency. Possessing any one of them...
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    Tango as sex tourism

    Dude, you have massively misunderstood the spirit of this thread! And your "interpretation" comes across as so bitter! Trust me, if you're having bad luck with the ladies, it's not because you're short of money or power, it's because they can smell the festering negativity in you. And also...
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    Tango as sex tourism

    After talking to dozens of tango tourists from North America and Europe - informal interviews conducted over the 12 months I've had the pleasure of living in this fine city - I have come to the realization that the tango industry in Buenos Aires is an important, effective and highly beneficial...
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    Crongresswoman Shot: AZ

    You know, Jared, usually when you want to augment an argument by calling names you have to actually make an argument in the first place. Otherwise you're just calling names and no one will pay any attention to you. For example, when I called you and your kind "chickenshits" I went on to argue...
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    Crongresswoman Shot: AZ

    Nope. not directed at you and forgive me if the post came across that way. I totally agree about the state of American political oratory.
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    Biking BA

    BA is a great town to bike, at least as good as New York. There are ciclovías all over the city. The best ones are along Libertador and the coastline. Like in any large city, you must be aggressively aware of traffic when you ride. I have found that some drivers are malicious and will try to...
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    It's time to fight back against Islamic death threats

    Dude! You're talking to yourself! Nobody gives a shit about your hatred of Islam. The only thing anyone cares about is the growing level of fundamentalist hatred across all religions, yours included. I know this is an obvious point, but it bears repeating: When you start hating in the name...
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    renewed passport needs new visa?

    What I meant by the gringo tax is the US$130 reciprocity fee that must be paid on first entry into Argentina. There is of course an Argie tax of equal value going the other way. The receipt for the gringo tax is valid for ten years. I'm not sure what category this fee belongs to, whether it...
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    renewed passport needs new visa?

    I should be getting my new passport later this week. The now-expired old one will be returned with the new one. Does anyone know whether I need to check in with Argentine immigration for a new tourist visa stamp in the new passport? Can I just wait until next time I leave and re-enter the...
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    Cheap expats

    First of all, what's wrong with being cheap? You like throwing your money away, apparently. I'm sure many of the locals love you for it. This town is chock full of crap-ass restaurants and tacky fashion outlets that stay in business exclusively because of the ever-increasing flow of gringos...
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    I've heard the explosions in Villa Crespo several times, always at night. Most definitely as loud as dynamite. Could be firecrackers, could be protests, but I'm pretty sure it's not someone suffering from an unusually dodgy choripan. A few days ago I was riding my bike through Chacaritas at...
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    US Passport Photo

    He's still there. I just used him for a passport renewal today (10/12/2010). The cost was 30 pesos. His old golden retriever wanted to join me in the photo, which seemed like a good idea, but apparently the State Department won't allow that kind of thing. I blew through the application process...
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    I admit it: I watch CrónicaTV

    I was in denial for months. At first I actively despised CrónicaTV. I hated the "if it bleeds, it leads" mentality. I loathed the shallow interviews and the cheap political hits. I couldn't stand what the very existence of such a channel says about the people of Argentina. And then I realized...
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    Hiking in Patagonia

    Last night I returned from five days on the W Trail in Torres del Paine. It was excellent, truly spectacular views and amazing flora and fauna. We didn't have time to do the full circuit, but by all accounts it's worth the effort. We stayed in the refugios, which were fine, though expensive and...
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    Should Obama be impeached?

    Apparently you are unfamiliar with the US Constitution, which states that presidents can only be impeached for bribery, treason, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. Are you suggesting that someone who disagrees with your economic theories is treasonous or has committed some other form of...
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    Interesting polling data

    Source article here Poll: 73 Percent Of Americans Unable To Believe This Shit PRINCETON, NJ–According to the latest Gallup Poll, conducted Monday and Tuesday of this week, nearly three out of four Americans can no longer believe this shit. In addition to the 73 percent of poll respondents...
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    Grocery Stores in the USA

    Next time you're wandering through a Whole Foods, pick up a couple of bars of Voges chocolate. They come with a painfully hefty price tag, but the bacon bars and the roasted chili pepper bars are shockingly tasty. On the subject of this thread: Remember that America is more diverse than any...
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    Hmmm ... 6.48 posts per day since joining in May. I'd say this forum means a lot to you! Actually, Alex is generally very progressive on social issues, though he is super sensitive to questions about his sexuality. But Alex, dude, California man to California man: You seriously need to let go...
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    The issue is not just absolute cost but more importantly value - that is, the relationship of price to quality. I just returned from six weeks in Europe. London and Amsterdam are indeed more expensive than Buenos Aires, but all of Spain (outside of Madrid) is surprisingly much cheaper...
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    In Amsterdam at the moment, enjoying my new favorite booze, Jenever, among other things. Does anyone know where to get Jenever in BsAs? Are there any Dutch restaurants or bars in Buenos Aires? It will be sad to leave something so good behind.