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  1. MyArgentina

    Buy a house in BA?

    I have noted that real estate seems to be the most reliable store of value in Argentina. I expect to be here for the long haul. And the way things are going Stateside who know what sort of world we'll be living in 10 years from now. As the States continues printing trillions, I have thought that...
  2. MyArgentina

    Buy a house in BA?

    Hi all! Long time lurker here, but have lived in BA for several years and have permanent residency. BAExpats is a regular stop for me and I have benefited a lot from everyone's knowledge and kindness. I am seriously mulling over purchasing a modest home here and I am wondering if any of you...
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    FEIE- Foriegn Earned Income Exclusion (USA)

    Here's a comprehensive resource that offers advice re the FEIE. (Bear in mind, please, I am NOT selling anything. Only wish to help.)
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    Dealing with noisy neighbours in BA

    I was in the same boat. These did the trick (though I got them Stateside).
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    Large fire in/near Hollywood?

    Wow. Sorry. And I guess I stand corrected as I just 'forwarded the link' from my friend. If that was not it then my apologies.
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    Large fire in/near Hollywood?

    Here's a news link -
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    Large fire in/near Hollywood?

    My friend writes - 'Hay un gran incendio en Gorriti y Juan b justo'
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    Large fire in/near Hollywood?

    Walking to the Chino here in Soho the streets and sky are full of a foul smelling smoke (smells chemical-like). Lots of sirens coming from the Hollywood side of the train tracks. Anybody know what is happening ...?
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    Who is Stayin Alive?

    Blessings, Pensa. Do your best to keep an open mind and heart. Your family needs you - even if you are at odds with (her) at this time. I do not have family that have died back in the States but rather have been wiped out - and that can be almost as great a devastation (alcohol, drug abuse...
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    Who is Stayin Alive?

    Pensador, all due respect, you are over the top. You are so 'certain' that your view is right that your are kicking foks out of your home. Slow down brother. The Pandemic will pass. Slow down and do not ruin your whole world in the process. Don't do it!
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    Wearing masks is mandatory in public spaces starting Apr 15

    A friend sent this my way -
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    FEDEX and DHL

    We received a Fedex package from the US last week. No delay. Very efficient.
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    Coronavirus Recovery Relief

    This article states that - According to the IRS, some seniors and others who typically do not file returns will need to submit a tax return to receive the stimulus payment, which the Service is calling an “economic impact payment.”...
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    Coronavirus Recovery Relief

    Not sure how many BAE members file US taxes, but this is a timely piece about how to receive substantial Coronavirus Relief - US Expats included. US Expats Eligible For Coronavirus Recovery Rebate Under the...
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    Jobs for Americans in Buenos Aires?

    NVSK you might consider Remote Work via Internet. For folks who are able to secure jobs online it may be the perfect solution.
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    Global Cost of Living Index for 2020

    This landed in my inbox this morning. Though Buenos Aires lists at 367 out of some 440 cities, I still feel for our fellow Argentinean brethren. Difficult times indeed. Cost of Living Index 2020 BELGRADE, January 13th, 2020 /Worldwide Distribution/ -- Numbeo, a global leader in comparing cost...
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    Immigration lawyers

    Gabriel Celano and his group are excellent in every way. Above and beyond, year after year. Highly recommend.
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    Recommendations for Spanish classes, beginner

    I also highly recommend Lilia Meli. Took classes from her for a couple of years. Very professional and with significant credentials. [email protected]
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    Highest salaries in Argentina?

    I have referred to this site - - countless times to compare 'apples to apples' in various expense categories. The site...
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    Xoom Money Transfer

    I am a little concerned, Jels, Happy to help if I can, but this seems a little but strange ... And mind you, as expats, we tend to be always be cautious ... So far my transactions have been (relatively) without attachment (as Argentine manner goes). Can anyone else vouch for this guy? You...