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    Is return ticket required to enter?

    So, yeah, just as an update. Specifically for us - nobody asked for a return ticket. I do hear from time to time from other expacts that they had a different experience and were not boarded in origin country.
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    Expat Tax Advice - Looking For Accountant

    Hi everybody. Reviving an old topic, I guess, but my question is the same. Can somebody recommend an english-speaking accountant that is avare of expat-specific topics? Specifically, I go a rentista-visa, now I want to: 1) figure out how to show my rentista-income properly 2) how to structure my...
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    Is return ticket required to enter?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and tried searching, but it seems last time something like that was discussed in 2013 or so, things tend to change in a decade, so I'll ask again. We are planning to move to Argentina for a couple years or more on rentista visa. Currently, I'm searching for the plane...