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    ‘Dead cow’ awakens as pipelines revive Argentina’s shale hopes

    Huge potential in Vaca Muerta but the economic uncertainty and government intervention caused many companies to stay away from it
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    Foreign credit cards purchases at MEP rate

    I bought the prepaid credit online. Visa took few days to review the charges. I think different department is handling that. Previously, I have to call them about MEP rate, and they refund the rate difference later. But recently, they just did it automatically but I still have wait a few days.
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    Foreign credit cards purchases at MEP rate

    I used Citibank Visa credit card to recharge my prepaid credit. I was charged in card currency at official rate and few days later, Citibank reimbursed forex difference, so in the end total charges at MEP rate.
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    Is return ticket required to enter?

    I flew one way from Kuala Lumpur last month via Emirates. They denied my boarding, no matter what reason I gave them. Had to buy refundable ticket and cancel later.