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    On Vacation

    We are living in Palermo Hollywood - My husband is working some of the time so I am looking for a "pal" to see some of the city with.
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    Any information could be sent to me at [email protected]
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    Photographers does not seem available to me - It does sound interesting but I cant get into the site. It says it's a "Private page" and I don't have permission. Do you know anyone in the group that can help me get permission?
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    Thanks for your answer. I was already robbed in the subway. :eek: What's the deal here?? But - I am still using my camera. I brought 2 cameras just in case as I am going to Patagonia and Chili for 2 weeks on a tour and will definitely need one there. Where do you live?
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    Looks good - I like her site! Thanks for the info. Where is Fuera Foto? We are staying in Palermo.
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    Many thanks! I will try to get in touch with them. My website is My new work is on the right click on the horse.
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    I'm looking for English speaking photographers. I will be spending 7 weeks - starting in a few days and would love to meet and shoot with other professional or serious amateur.
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    A visit to Buenos Aires

    My husband and I will be visiting BA for 7 weeks - living in Palermo. I'm a photographer and my husband is a Professor of Law at Stanford. He will be working at Torcuato di Tella Law School. We'd like to make new friends while we're here. I'd also like to meet other professional / or...