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    Just arrived

    Hi Julia, Am normally about from mid afternoon....which area are you staying in?
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    Darrens little intro...

    Hi! 90% of people are more computer literate than me! Give me a shout when you get here and we'll sort something out for sure.....
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    Darrens little intro...

    Sounds good to me. Keep in touch. Cheers Darren
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    155 sq m apt for rent

    Hi, am interested if the 50% off deal is still on?! At that price may be interested in 3 months rental. When would it be O.K to come and have a look?
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    Darrens little intro...

    Hello All! Myself and business partner had enough of the rain etc in Guildford U.K and thought we'd see if we could run our internet based business from B.A. So far so good. Currently in Recoleta but already thinking about moving to Palermo as there seems to be more going on for two single...
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    Expat lunch, Tuesday February 3rd

    Hi Steve, just joined and am a newbie in B.A (10 days) and hope it would be OK for myself and business partner Tim to come along?