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    My Argentinian wife really dislikes the US. Typical of Argentinians?

    I notice that Argentines seem to look at the less fortunate with a “there but by the grace of God go I” attitude where as in the US we seem to think “anyone can succeed. Why don’t you get a job” American Dream attitude.
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    Hospital Italiano Question

    I had to wait until I had my DNI to be included in my family’s Hospital Italiano plan. Even the precaria was not enough.
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    Donald Trump coming to Buenos Aires...

    I heard he was throwing some military parade in DC fir Putin in November too. Gonna be a busy month for the POTUS. I hope his time on the golf course doesn’t suffer.
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    how long is migraciones taking with trámites for residencia permanente?

    I submitted paperwork in October and received my DNI in June. No paperwork hanguos or redos. When I went to renew my precria fir the second time they said it had been closed and dug deeper at that time. Apparently it was approved and in a stack of papers on someone’s desk. It was signed right...
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    Expats in Greater Pilar Area

    I’m in that area and would love to join up sometime! Something family friendly would be sooooo cool. Thanks!
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    Ultimate Frisbee game

    Check out Ultimare Ciudad de Buenos Aires on Facebook. They have the info.
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    I hate the bikes

    If it is possible to use a yellow bike for a while (BAbici) then do that and try it out. On bike lanes and paths people do not announce when passing or an other niceties you may have become accustomed to cycling elsewhere. I always find joy being on the bike. You just have to ride super heads up...
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    Should I ride a bike in BA?

    I rode from Belgrano to Palermo for a Spanish class last year. About 8km. It was graat. Could get a little intense out of the bike lanes but overall a great experience. Anytime the weather was bad or I was feeling lazy I took the bus. The travel time was about the same.
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    Drum lessons

    I teach drums but I’m in Tigre so I stick to Zona Norte. Let me ask a friend and drum teacher who lives in Palermo if he has space available. In Spanish is ok? He only speaks a little English.
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    Drum lessons

    What barrió?
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    Prisoners Vote As Well

    This just in...
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    The Cops Refused To Fingerprint Me At Comisaría 23A

    You’ll have to get the Argentine background check at reincodencias anyway. They available online 2 hours after they are taken. It’s electronic. $500 pesos os the expedited fee. How long you wait to have then taken depends. Might as well go and see if they can do the others at the same time.
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    Gils Carbo, Procurator Fiscal - Resigns

    Finally a reference I understand. I spent a lot of time in Judge Parker's court.
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    Travel Requirements With Non-Argentine Children...

    My wife says we didn’t need the birth certificate. Just passports. I was remembering a different trip. At any rate we never had the birth certificate apostilled for travel. Just for dni stuff. Once we forgot ID for our baby while traveling domestically in the US so we had someone send a photo of...
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    Travel Requirements With Non-Argentine Children...

    Gee, our family is much like yours argi mom US dad. Like Ben said we’ve always just had our passports and birth certificate for baby. Never done the uraguay trip though. But I think you run into hassles when traveling without the other parent with a kid.
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    Using Uber Or Taxiezeiza From Airport?

    You might have trouble finding one Uber to hold 8 people. You can reserve a van online that can hold you all or as Ceviche said hire a remise from one of the counters at the airport. We use Uber a lot in BA. Pretty much as often as a taxi. I have found prices for Uber equal to or less than taxi...
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    Prisoners Vote As Well

    In the US felons are withheld the right to vote while incarcerated or on parole.
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    Fbi Background Check

    I just had mine done here in the US and apostilled. I used National Background Check, Inc. to facilitate the background check. I used One Source Processing to handle the apostille. NBC can do both but OSP was cheaper. Either will ship internationally.
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    Bike Rentals?

    While it's true you only get the eco-bici for an hour you can use the service as often as you like. In theory you can go from bici-station to station all day. We had fun a few years ago mapping out these routes around CABA. it's really set up for commuting but we never found a station completely...
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    Yoga, Running, Spanish Classes Por Favor!

    Hash House Harriers. Drinkers with a running problem. Doesn't look like anything is scheduled at the moment but here is the place for info: