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    Several Job Openings

    Hello all - I'm working for a company called Dalstrong. It is an 100% remote, global, ecommerce start-up. We have several job opportunities due to growth. Currently we are looking for; Social Media Marketing Manager Customer Service Representative Associate Recruiter There will be more soon...
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    Translators Needed!

    I've found several translators. I'm not sure how to close this post. Thank you all for your interest!
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    Translators Needed!

    My company is seeking translators mainly for copy (product listings, ads, and our website). English to German is definitely the priority. We also have a need for English to Italian, French, and European Spanish. The work would be part-time/as we need translations. However, it would be ideal...
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    Job Opening for Customer Service Specialist

    About Us We are a large international kitchen knife and cookware e-commerce company based in Canada but with a team that is distributed around the world. We sell through many channels including amazon, Shopify & Walmart. You can find out more about the company here At...
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    Social Media Manager

    Our Core Values Having worked in the events & entertainment industry since 2002, we don’t like to take on projects unless they are fun ;) We think big, and have plans to disrupt every industry that we enter. We’re obsessed with operational efficiencies and making things better. We’re...
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    Shipping A Dog

    Thank you - I was digging through old threads but couldn't find them The search didn't help either.
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    Shipping A Dog

    Hello, I am trying to bring/ship a dog to Argentina. Has anyone done this in the past? Any insight? What to watch out for? Do I need a dog passport? Are there special documents that "K" demands or fees to line her pockets?
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    Dill Weed!

    The supermarkets in China town have everything. They even sell real feta cheese and dill.
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    I Have Overstayed 90 Day Visa... Is It Better To Pay Fine Or

    This happens to me often. I was traveling out of the country for business. When I checked in with the Airline they sent me to the immigration office. I believe I paid $300USD and not pesos. It was no big deal. The next time you leave Argentina, make sure you give yourself enough time to...
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    One Year Later: 10 Things About Ba That Now Seem Normal

    I have a really big puppy (part Giant Schnauzer part Dogo) and I find it amazing how people think nothing of going right up to him and petting him. What if he bites thinking he is protecting me? It still freaks me out everytime.
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    Getting through the border with 2 big bags

    I bring stuff for my husband all the time. I also bring a few computers too. I always run the batteries out of the computers just in case. And as for my husband's stuff I just say, he is here as a student, I'm visiting and he needed more shirts and shoes. I also travel out of Argentina for...
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    My husband is an Argentine lawyer. He can help you too [email protected] He has done several CD on our behalf since we moved to Argentina last year. Gas company, Claro, construction workers you name it he sent one. He is licensed in BA, Cordoba and San Luis.
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    Anyone seen CousCous on sale recently

    On the corner of Vuelta Obligado and Olazabal or Mendoza there is a store called Quatro Quesos. They have cous cous, real dijon mustard, A1 steak sauce etc. It is a bit pricey.
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    I just moved back to Argentina with my Argentine husband. I've been chuckling at some of the posts. I've had similar newbie experiences the last time I was here. I hope I can provide some insight into living in Argentina. It is a hard life but filled with laughter if you keep a sense of...
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    Now I feel like a local - our first lawsuit ;)

    I'm a HR Manager for several countries in LatAm and my husband is a Labor Lawyer in Argentina. If/When you face something that doesn't seem right during your process, feel free to contact me. We can give you some free advice. Even the lawyers here can be crafty. Suerte!