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  1. rickyp

    Unusual Situation

    Thanks for all the replies and well wishes. No, I'm not coming back.
  2. rickyp

    Unusual Situation

    I filed a police report but that was lost along my insane journey. I do have a scan of my original passport.
  3. rickyp

    Unusual Situation

    Hi all. I'm been a lurker for years and I'm hesitant to ask anything really since I've seen people get judgmental really really fast but here goes. I've lived her for years without residency, mostly because early on in my stay I had a catastrophic, life-threatening illness. I've been treated...
  4. rickyp

    Photographers: Processing Black & White Film In Buenos Aires

    Anyone know where I can get b&w film processed in Buenos Aires? Ideally, I'd like to get negatives developed and then scanned so I can process them in Lightroom. Or should I just ditch the idea of shooting in film completely?
  5. rickyp

    Where To Buy Quality Backpacks?

    I need to buy a bigger, better backpack. I had a bad experience with Montagne so that's out, and I don't want to spend ARS 1000 for an import. I was thinking the packs from the army stores? Anyone have suggestions? Thanks.
  6. rickyp

    BAFICI '11: a How-to Guide to an amazing international film festival

    Thanks for the mention! Kate's a great blogger and Juanele is lucky to have her writing for us and conducting art tours on Tuesdays. Just to clarify, Juanele is an arts blog. We don't have a dead-tree version. Yet.