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  1. Jed

    River vs Boca - March 20th

    I really appreciate that, thank you. It has been a painful 2 years and we're just trying to piece everything together again. Hope to have a full site redesign in the coming months, new hires, new contacts...fingers crossed!
  2. Jed

    River vs Boca - March 20th

    I hate to promote my own services, but we do attend the Superclasico every year so it is not impossible, it's just pricey based on some of the factors listed above + very limited supply. And it can be a real pain depending on what the clubs are doing for security that year (closing gates early...
  3. Jed

    The Mysterious Pipers of Palermo

    If you cook frequently I highly recommend purchasing a nice chef knife. A good, properly sharpened knife just makes things so much easier and fun. It is also much safer. A dull knife may or may not cut the way it should. As for sharpening, it is a world in itself and if you're not into it you...
  4. Jed

    The Mysterious Pipers of Palermo

    Just my 2 cents as a novice aficionado of kitchen knives and sharpening: Hard pass on these guys that go door to door especially if you have anything even remotely considered decent steel. You're better off tracking down your nearest local shop that sharpens (sometimes key makers/ferreterias do...
  5. Jed

    The Mysterious Pipers of Palermo

    Door to door knife sharpener probably. Does it sound like this?
  6. Jed

    Buying Real Estate in BA

    Infobae estimating up to a possible 40% reduction in USD pricing.
  7. Jed

    Western Union money transfer

    Anyone else seeing a very slow delivery date for funds? I set up a second Western Union bank to bank transfer and the delivery date is April 21? The first one after filing the declaration form was delivered in 4 days.
  8. Jed

    Is it "normal" for landlords to have tenants pay city and province property taxes?

    In my experience paying ABL is the responsibility of the tenant and typically stated so in the rental contract. As for repairs/fixes...this is very circumstantial. As you noted, normal wear and tear is indeed mentioned in most long term contracts as the owner's responsibility. It is a debatable...
  9. Jed

    When will property be cheap in Buenos Aires?

    I've watched the real estate market casually over the past few years and have seen listed prices steadily rise (who knows what is actually selling). Assuming prices are indeed rising and sales are still taking place, might this be because the economy is looking less and less stable and people...
  10. Jed

    Which ATM can I get cash out of with an American Debit Card (Fidelity or Charles Schwab)?

    Ran into the exact same issue, same card, same bank. Try $7,900- for whatever reason it worked today when it declined $8,000 seconds before.
  11. Jed

    ATM machine only gives me 1 USD - 33 peso exchange rate

    This is dead on. My guess is that you are calculating the peso fee + withdrawal amount of pesos and dividing by the USD withdrawal amount? You'll prob end up with about 33/34. With a card that refunds those fees you should be getting 38-ish right now.
  12. Jed

    ATM fees outrageous, solution?

    I did with Schwab a couple of days ago and no such luck. $4,000 pesos limit still.
  13. Jed

    ATM fees outrageous, solution?

    What rate is Schwab giving right now?
  14. Jed

    ATM fees outrageous, solution?

    Some people have been reporting $8,000 pesos withdrawals from Banco Frances with a less than $10 USD fee, but I've had friends try and only received the typical $4,000 max with 2 transaction limit per day. Might be the luck of your card. Banck Nacion seems to have the lowest transaction fee...
  15. Jed

    ATM Maximum Withdrawal Limit with Foreign ATM card

    As far as I've seen $4000-$4200 has been the max for most foreign debit cards through Banelco per transaction. So $8,000 to $8,400 pesos per day in total. Watch those fees though!
  16. Jed

    Dollar Up

    I got 18.70 today so it is not too far off, but yes, I imagine 19.15 today was peak "Venta" before it dropped a tad before close.
  17. Jed

    Cash And Climbing...

    Yeah, for long term stays and if you don't mind carrying cash USD it is the best way to go. ATM fees have risen to about 10% ($175 pesos) of a max withdrawal of $3,000 pesos per transaction now. I'll be updating that article as frequently as I see changes. Cuevas and cash remain king IMO. I'd...
  18. Jed

    Monger - Sex Tourism In Argentina Documentary Premiere

    Please keep us posted. Congratulations!
  19. Jed

    Taking Kids Out Of The Country

    You can get a permanent document done with the Argentine authorities for a minimal fee. It has been a while since we did ours, but I am sure the office was on Cordoba, somewhere near Olleros? Cost maybe $20 USD at the time.