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  1. CharlotteGood

    Considering A Move To Bsas

    Just quickly, B, I am British, lived here for the past 3 months. I have lived in London most of my life (Pimlico).I am having a year of change here and very much enjoying it. Everyone stresses the security etc here - I have been lucky and nothing untoward yet?) has happened (but others I...
  2. CharlotteGood

    Brexit Wtf!

    the Scottish want a referendum in order to remain in the EU, NOT to remain a part of the UK
  3. CharlotteGood

    Happy to be in Argentina

    Happy to be in Argentina
  4. CharlotteGood

    Moving To Ba In September

    Robert, what a wonderful decision. I am sure you will love it here and coming in September I am sure is a great time to arrive with the approach of warmer weather (it is very London at present, rather chilly and we have had a lot of rain). I am English, arrived in March and am staying, God...
  5. CharlotteGood

    Looking For A Great Spanish Immersion Class In Buenos Aires

    Deirdre, I am doing an immersion course at Elebaires (4 hours of class every morning). But I also looked at CUI - 4 weeks of 3 hour classes a day (every afternoon). I chose Elebaires because there are lots of activities in the afternoons (free) - 2 afternoon outings, 1 conversation class, 1...
  6. CharlotteGood

    Second Hand Bike Wanted

    Biking any weather ... I am English!
  7. CharlotteGood

    Second Hand Bike Wanted

    Anyone going back home? With an unwanted bike here? Get in touch soonest if you want to sell it ...
  8. CharlotteGood

    Feeling as if I am back in London ... rain, rain, rain

    Feeling as if I am back in London ... rain, rain, rain
  9. CharlotteGood

    Life Coach New In Town

    Welcome to BA. I have only been here for 10 days but I love. I am British but love Australia (who doesn't) and am planning on staying for 6 - 12 months. If I can help, I will. Enjoy this glorious city!
  10. CharlotteGood

    Coffee Chat Tuesday April 5, 4-7Pm (Palermo)

    Hope to make it and look forward to getting some helpful tips on BA life. Happy Sunday!
  11. CharlotteGood

    Just Arrived

    I am Charlotte Good. I arrived from London (Pimlico) last week; I am planning on staying for some time in BA and am looking to rent a furnished appartment (could be a studio or 1/2 bed) somewhere reasonably central ... Recoleta, Retiro, Barrio Norte ... possibly San Telmo (where I am staying at...