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  1. kurtdillard

    Driving License In Ba

    I agree with Steve, unless you are living her permanently you don't need one. I've been here for 5 years and never had an issue, in fact I was parking a rental car Saturday night in Resistencia when a dumbass drove his moped into the driver's side door. The local police handled it all well, they...
  2. kurtdillard

    Santiago And Lima - Recommendations?

    1 day in each? That's not enough time for either! In Lima, I suggest you look for a place in Miraflores, its a relatively safe and tourist-friendly neighborhood. I stayed at the Marriot, had an awesome view of the beach, cliffs, and para-gliders. The coolest thing I did in Lima was visit the...
  3. kurtdillard

    Flights To Iguassu Falls

    If you search the forums you'll find a number of us have posted detailed trip reports, here's what I wrote in 2009: We paid another visit in January of this year, but I wasn't sufficiently...
  4. kurtdillard

    Learn To Make Asado?

    It sounds like some of you have had some pretty crappy asado. A couple of my brother's-in-law took the time to teach me 5 years ago when we were living in Buenos Aires. Its not complicated, but doing it right takes time, skill, good meat, and decent wood or charcoal. When we first moved down...
  5. kurtdillard

    Transport Strike On Tuesday?

    That's a valid observation Dirtboy, some unions became more focused on maintaining their own existence than in helping the workers they supposedly represent. I don't have enough data to offer an estimate on what percentage of unions operate in the best interests of their members, but I know of...
  6. kurtdillard

    Transport Strike On Tuesday?

    I have some friends who live in Lomas de Zamora and often spend a few hours at their home when I have long layovers in Bs. As. That route is less safe than the freeways, I've had a few drivers grumble about heading out that way, but its the only way to go to EZE if the freeways are blocked. It...
  7. kurtdillard

    Attempted Home Invasion

    Thanks everyone. My wife should get her immigrant visa before the end of the year, then we're moving back to the US to a quite suburb outside of Seattle. A dog is the best idea, but given the short time frame I don't think it makes sense. Traveling with a dog would add a lot of complexity. I...
  8. kurtdillard

    Attempted Home Invasion

    I'm in the US on business, a group of 3 or 4 tried to break into our house in Corrientes around 3 am. They had climbed onto the 1st floor roof and tried to break in through 2nd floor windows. They triggered the alarm and ran off before the private security guard drove over. My wife and kids are...
  9. kurtdillard

    Searches at airport?

    They always examine both at immigration, but the customs folks haven't asked for my DNI in ~50 trips since 2007.
  10. kurtdillard

    Microsoft Surface tablets running Windows 8

    The pricing is out and they are taking pre-orders: I ordered one, I'll pick it up when I'm in Seattle next week. for 499 USD you get double the RAM of the New...
  11. kurtdillard

    I Tried Xoom Today

    STL999, if you're a resident of Argentina and you are already reporting all income and wealth for tax purposes then I don't see any issues. If you're living off the books then providing this information could give AFIP reason to investigate your finances. If you are not an Argentinian resident...
  12. kurtdillard

    More robberies in Argentina than anywhere else in the Americas

    FYI: the crime rate outside of Buenos Aires is also out of control. I know most expats, and the vast majority of the active members of this board, live in or very near Buenos Aires, however up here in the north robbaries and other violent crimes have skyrocketed over the last few years. I have...
  13. kurtdillard

    Dr. Ron Paul supporter??

    Really Queso? I have worked with hundreds of people in various agencies in the US government and I believe the vast majority of them sincerely wanted to improve the lives of US residents and the competitiveness of US-based businesses. I have also worked closely with dozens of government...
  14. kurtdillard

    "Tiny Uruguay outshines neighbor Argentina with investors"

    From McClatchy: Great work Kirchners!
  15. kurtdillard

    Who's considering it after thinking they would never...?

    The government charges a variety of fees in order to get an immigration visa and permament residency, they approach 1,000 USD. Plus there are the costs of getting all the documents, physical exam, vaccinations, photos, and other things required. There are some other costs people often forget...
  16. kurtdillard

    Who's considering it after thinking they would never...?

    I've discussed the details in another thread, the reasons cited here plus crime and the fact that Microsoft made a fantastic offer convinced us to move. The crime rate is terrible in Buenos Aires, and its gotten bad here, 500 miles north, in Corrientes too. Our backup generator was stole from...
  17. kurtdillard

    Rare imported delicacies found at Carrefour in Corrientes

    Thanks for more constructive posts David and everyone else:) David, I agree with what you say about having some understanding based on spending time with other families. I hope my response didn't come across as confrontational, if it did I apologize too.
  18. kurtdillard

    Posting something 4 kilos weight!

    Farenheit, its not worth the cost and bother. I have mail forwarded down here every 4-5 weeks, and sometimes that gets held up by aduanas. Mail. As in a slim DHL envelope that they can quickly x-ray to see that it only contains documents. Yet aduanas holds onto it sometimes. The last time I had...
  19. kurtdillard

    Rare imported delicacies found at Carrefour in Corrientes

    I'm glad this turned into a lively thread:) David, thanks for your compliments about my posts overall:) If you don't have young kids then you don't know what its like constantly telling them 'no' to McDonalds, Coke, Dr. Pepper, etc. Most parents make accomodations, so we let our kids have Sprite...
  20. kurtdillard

    Rare imported delicacies found at Carrefour in Corrientes

    It both saddened and ammused me to see how excited my kids and I got when we found Pepperidge Farms Goldfish (both original and chedder!) and Double-chocolate Nantucket cookies at the big Carrefour near our house. Its been about 18 months since we saw any Goldfish crackers at any grocery store...