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  1. Thuraya

    Apartment Search - By Owner Only
  2. Thuraya

    Job Offer: Online Campaigner At Greenpeace

    Hi everyone, happy to answer questions. Just a heads up though that recruitment is winding down, not sure if they're still considering new applications. Heidi: Yes, I do work there, and this has been my position for the last 2.5 years. The Chacarita office is a friendly place in a fairly quiet...
  3. Thuraya

    Job Offer: Online Campaigner At Greenpeace

    Hi all, There's a fantastic job opportunity available for a native English speaker at Greenpeace Argentina, based in Chacarita. The job includes a lot of writing, project management, and social media skills for a super cool, creative international campaign. For the full description and to...
  4. Thuraya

    Resume And Cover Letter Writing, Career Consulting

    Hi everyone, I have lived in BA since 2012 and in addition to my day job in digital content marketing for a global nonprofit, I just started a resume / cover letter writing and career consulting business. Check it out and feel free to get in touch: I work by...
  5. Thuraya

    Resumé Writing Service - Have You Ever Used One?

    Hi Serafina, I actually just started a resume and cover letter writing business, based here in Buenos Aires but catering to clients in the US and UK. Check out my website here (, and feel free to get in touch if you're interested! Usually I work online only, but in this...
  6. Thuraya

    Sweetest Cat Ever For Adoption

    Hey guys, also sharing a video I took of her being cute and cuddly :) Still looking for a home! email me at [email protected]
  7. Thuraya

    Sweetest Cat Ever For Adoption

    Thanks Irina, I will post her there! She´s also on red mascotera.
  8. Thuraya

    Sweetest Cat Ever For Adoption

    Hi people, This beautiful cat appeared in my building's garage last week, and I've been caring for her while looking for a family to adopt her. She's about 4 years old, very quiet and calm, uses the litter box perfectly, and has the sweetest personality I've ever seen in a cat -- she adores...
  9. Thuraya

    Travelling While Waiting For Argentine Work Visa

    You can't leave the country between getting the antecedentes penales criminal record check and the actual visa, because it will void your criminal record check. I made that mistake, and went to Uruguay for one day, and luckily my gestor was able to talk the migraciones people into overlooking...
  10. Thuraya

    Jazz dance classes for girls

    Hey, you need to check out this studio! They have several different types of dance but their specialty is jazz (as they call it, "modern jazz ballet") and they definitely have classes for kids. I've taken classes at their Belgrano studio for over a year, but there is also a location in the...
  11. Thuraya

    Seeking Organic & Paleo/primal Food Buddies (And Info)

    Helaine, I am so loving that idea! Let's do it!
  12. Thuraya

    Best Places To Live Outside Ba

    Hey, what are some of the best places to live outside the city but within an hour or so of capital federal? I'm dreaming of a place with trees, gardens, actual houses -- but I'm not really interested in closed or private neighborhoods, Ideally somewhere with a bit of local culture, popular with...
  13. Thuraya

    Arriving In '14 - Already With ~2 Questions . . . For Now .

    It's true that the libraries here might work for research, but definitely not for pleasure reading or taking books home. As a huge reader, I think the best way to read here is to bring a kindle. My home library in the US has a kindle book borrowing program, where I can digitally check out books...
  14. Thuraya

    Looking For A Used Bicycle

    Ok, just sent you some photos by message.
  15. Thuraya

    Looking For A Used Bicycle

    I have a bike I'm looking to sell. I got it used about a year ago and it's great -- sturdy, comfortable, etc. but too big for me to use comfortably on a regular basis (which I should have considered when I bought it). The price is 800 pesos. PM me if you're interested and I'll send you some photos!
  16. Thuraya

    Seeking Organic & Paleo/primal Food Buddies (And Info)

    El Galpon in Chacarita has edible coconut oil for use in cooking etc. That's also virtually the only place you'll find organic fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy. I've seen different types of cold-pressed oil at several little organic almacens, the brand is "campo claro. There's a feria...
  17. Thuraya

    What Is The Need In Ba For Life Coaching?

    I feel like there could be a great demand for a life coach that helps expats work out the trials and tribulations of work and relationships -- making in work in Argentina and transitioning back home when it's time.
  18. Thuraya

    Women Who've Made A Home Here For Love

    Yhanks everyone for the replies! I'm also wondering about how career and income fits into all of this. @Lauren23 - I love your story, I want it to work out! Do you work or stay home with your little one? How often do you get to go home to visit, or think you'll be able to go home now that...
  19. Thuraya

    Women Who've Made A Home Here For Love

    To all foreign women who have committed to living here for the long run to be with an Argentine partner: How did you end up here? How did you make the decision to stay? Do you have kids? What have the challenges been? Do you have any regrets? I'm at the point, after being with my Argentine...
  20. Thuraya

    Osde Dentist Porcelain Fillings

    Check out the Centro Veitz. They're very good and do OSDE