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  1. sandybassett

    Suggestions Needed On Where To Watch Olympic Hockey

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone have any suggestions on where I may be able to watch an Olympic ice hockey match here in Buenos Aires? I'll even take any place in which the bartenders are friendly enough to change a channel for me :) Cheers Sandy PS Any Canadian expats (or any expats) out there...
  2. sandybassett

    Sport Climbing

    Hi everyone! Looking for suggestions on good sport climbing (top roping) areas in Argentina (anywhere in the country). Links to any info on line would be sincerely appreciated. Also is there an indoor climbing facility in Buenos Aires? If so is it worth checking out? Thanks! Sandy
  3. sandybassett

    Argentina Mobile Provider - Who Are You Using?

    Thanks, this is all great information. I really appreciate your feedback.
  4. sandybassett

    Argentina Mobile Provider - Who Are You Using?

    Thanks! I don't think I'll be around for long enough to get any contract so pre-paid may be the way to go. Do they offer pre-paid packages that include data? Sorry, Canada has a very oppressive oligarchical telecoms system (I almost jumped out of my seat when you said you can get 3GB of data a...
  5. sandybassett

    Argentina Mobile Provider - Who Are You Using?

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering who your mobile provider of choice is in BsAs? Looking for good packages that include data for my unlocked smart phone. Any and all advice is very welcome. Cheers! Sandy
  6. sandybassett

    Intro - Two Canadians Heading To Ba

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to quickly introduce myself - My name is Sandy and my partner and I will be arrive in Buenos Aires in November. Very much looking forward to skipping one Canadian winter. I am a yoga instructor/ Digital Marketing consultant and my partner is a Structural Engineer...