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  1. Foxford1

    Apartment to rent opportunity Arroyo y Suipacha 19th floor

    Stylish, super-bright, and just renovated apartment in the heart of the very best of Buenos Aires, Location - Recoleta meets Retiro at the traditional Arroyo and Suipacha corner. Location-location-location on a 19th floor surrendered by the elegance of the best Buenos Aires domes and, far away...
  2. Foxford1

    Daily maid rate per hour

    Click here and the link will bring you to a real rate for house employment and what will come.
  3. Foxford1

    Vegans invade La Rural

    People should just carry on with their lives. if people wants to eat meat they should go ahead and eat it. if people wants to eat vegan food, go ahead. My point of view on this is that RESPECT is the main thing. I don´t see this happening within the vegans protests. There is a lack of respect...
  4. Foxford1

    Furniture sale! Urgent

    Karina, are you still around do you have anything left for sale? please let me know. thanks