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    Brazil Visa

    lol, check with its office, because of the Olympic you might not need a visa to visit Brasil.
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    Brazil Visa

    Hi guy, Walk into any travel agent and get a fake reservation and look tough when you apply for visa. It happened to my good friend. I said to the officer, he is old and retired, here credit card, fake reservation for flight and hotel. Her face changed color and smiled and we got the visa next...
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    Graduate From Top Australian University Seeking Job

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    Effective Spanish Lessons

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    Lassie/laser Eye Surgery

    Dr. Pablo Bonanno He is the best in Argentina...
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    Again: Who Much Do You Pay Your Cleaner?

    I bought 6 limes for 46 pesos.....cost more than an hour of working.... nik
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    Getting New Pages In Us Passport

    They just added 20 pages into the passport (right in the middle of the book). File the paper and receive it the next day, No in depth check. It cost 40 dollars. nik
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    Bolivia - Visa for US Citizens

    Hi guy, I was there two years ago. You certainly can get a visa upon arrival, paying in Dollar. "Does a color fotocopy of my YF vaccine work, or do I need an original? " It requires but they never ask for it. If you are over 60 years old, you don't need a yellow fever vaccine, but need a...
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    Maple Syrup?

    Have you visit China Town? I have seen it there, the one located in Mendoza street. good luck
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    No Curry Paste In Barrio Chino

    That sounds scary, might be problem with the import or increase in price. nik
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    No Curry Paste In Barrio Chino

    Check on the store located on Mendoza Street. It normally, carries various sizes of package. It is the biggest one in the area, I was there 10 days ago and able to get all my supply for the month. good luck. nik
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    Anyone Familiar With Asunción Or Paraguay In General?

    Hi guy, Traveling from Posadas, Argentina into the Mission area, cross the border (bridge) into Paraguay. Either taking bus or boat up to Asuncion. The Jesuit mission is ok, not much left to see, one needs to have a good imagination to figuring out of what it would look like years ago. The...
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    Public Breatsfeeding…

    Breastfeeding in public brings human closer to the nature and remind us that we are part of the nature and also an Animal too. nik.
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    Getting A Dog

    No problem guy, Thanks. Been searching for awhile. Nik
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    Getting A Dog

    Hi Dublin2Buenos Aires, any idea if there is a Papillon Breeder in Argentina? Thanks, Nik
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    Booking A Holiday

    Hi, Not that easy to get a package tour within south america at that cost. Montanina, Ecuador, is a wonderful place with warm water and white sand beach, Food & Accommodation is very cheap. You can fly to Guayaquil and then take a bus for roughly two and a half hours to Montanina. The bus...
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    Flea Markets Around Palermo (Botanical Gardens)?

    Check out an indoor flea market on Alvarez Thomas 71. Beautiful place for shopping, the products are high quality and there are tons of choices. All the best for hunting. Nik
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    Where To Live In Ba

    I'm very happy with Villa Crespo, safe and conservative area. Easy access to buses and subway system. A walking distance to Palermo SoHo where all the trendy bars, restaurants, clubs, shops. I feel safe during night. All the best and stay safe. nik
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    How Cold Does It Get?

    Most buildings have no insulation and the window is not the double one. If you live up high in the building and facing south, you would experience strong wind and cold. Make sure you got a gas heater. nik