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  1. Steve K

    Dungeons and Dragons group for kids in Buenos Aires?

    Takes one to know one! LOL
  2. Steve K

    Dungeons and Dragons group for kids in Buenos Aires?

    Adults (that are still young at heart) play D&D also. (Locked out of Argentina at the moment)
  3. Steve K

    Apartments available

    In North America, CraigsList is a cesspool of scammers and predators. Often attractive rentals will be offered for a low price, and lease signed and deposit plus first month paid, only to find 3 days later that the people who rented you the place did not own it or have any authority to rent it...
  4. Steve K

    Shelf life of fruit and vegetables

    One factor that seems to be overlooked from the analyses so far is the timing of when the fruits and veggies are picked. In the US and markets that feed the US, fresh fruit/veg is picked from the fields well in advance of peak ripeness. The travel time to market allows them to ripen OFF the vine...
  5. Steve K

    Bad idea to book airline tickets in advance

    FYI United canceled my domestic flight, with nothing bookable in the near future. I was persistent and polite and they eventually agreed to refund my money, and I got the credit to my card about a week later.
  6. Steve K

    I need a friend....

    I'd hang with you, but currently stuck in Oklahoma and planning to be in Mendoza when things open up.
  7. Steve K

    Best dentist

    If you would like to have your dental vacation in wine country instead of the crowded city, I heartily recommend Dr. Rodrigo Martinez in Mendoza. Speaks perfect English, does artist-level work, works on supermodels and judges and footballers' wives. Cost about 20% of what a top tier dentist in...
  8. Steve K

    Chile vs Argentina: Whose military would prevail if it came to war?

    Defeating the Argentine military is no problem. Simply pour a line of habañero salsa picante around them, and none would dare to come near it!
  9. Steve K

    Argentina's New Tax On Residents Global Wealth

    People will be reluctant to say this, but there are a few different answers. 1) What the rule of law/regulation says - I believe this is 180 days, and some visas (student) may be exempt. 2) What practically happens - some time after a full year plus, depending on when you arrived and when you...
  10. Steve K

    US Citizen Interested in moving to Buenos Aries

    FYI JB, it now takes a week to get Amazon prime stuff almost anywhere (outside of major cities in states where there is a distribution center). Thanks to Covid-19. I would definitely agree. An average US citizen with a typical consumer/convenience-based mindset will go crazy. If you take such...
  11. Steve K

    US Citizen Interested in moving to Buenos Aries

    While this is inconvenient, it is not entirely a bad thing. If you want something done correctly, it is often best to do it yourself!
  12. Steve K

    US Citizen Interested in moving to Buenos Aries

    Buenos Aires weather is more like Dallas than Houston, and not as hot in summer or cold in winter. Just as humid as anywhere in the US Midwest. Housing: to buy is cheaper than a major city in Texas, but not a good value. Rent, however, is extremely cheap compared to the USA. Just be advised...
  13. Steve K

    Looking at reverse cultural-shocking myself in a few years

    Lifetime pension/retirement income (private or government-based) is not taxable in Argentina.
  14. Steve K

    Argentina virtual phone number Setup US$10 and US$10 per month.
  15. Steve K

    Minimum income for Pensionada visa?

    Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. This information is from a post dated Feb 27, just before quarantines started:
  16. Steve K

    110 Voltage help

    Hi JB, could you expand on this? I am in the US and all 3 of my late-model LCD TVs have a label by the power input that says 110. Where are you looking "on the inside"?
  17. Steve K

    Looking for 6-month informal rental options

    Check out this post for a more flexible option, renting from an owner in Great Britain. It looks like a nice place (now that we know it has a kitchen), and it's in a very good neighborhood.
  18. Steve K

    Chinese president blames Coronavirus on the US.

    I have been following the video blogs of the man who made this video for almost 10 years. Along with his riding partner, they have made a large number of adventure motorcycling in China videos along with footage and commentary exposing how China really functions, both good and bad. He and his...
  19. Steve K

    NYTimes article on USA expats

    I almost discounted the article because the first source quoted was International Lying, but the other sources cited were more interesting and informative, especially the ones used by younger people.
  20. Steve K

    Argentina's most popular hangover cure

    The article says "Fernet con Coca." I thought it was properly ordered as "Fernet y Coca."