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  1. MJQuaero

    US ex pats that married Argentine Citizen help

    Hola, I had the same intention. I am divorced and that last obstacle has me looking for marginal notes from divorce papers. That’s all the Civil Registry said I need now after several trips to their office. I have no idea where to find the answer to their last response. Best to you.
  2. MJQuaero

    Mother-In-law needs our help and in poor health - Questions on visiting, physicians, etc

    Hola, my fiancé is nurse. She is very good at assessing what needs to be done. She recently helped a diabetic woman keep her foot. She has worked public hospitals until now. She is on leave. I shared your message with her.
  3. MJQuaero

    Is return ticket required to enter?

    I just entered on a one way ticket 12/28. No questions asked.