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    Don Aldo - Great Wine And Advice From A In-House Sommelier

    I want to write a few recommendations before I leave. I found a little vinoteca in Recoleta - La Vinoteca de Don Aldo. They collect wines from all the boutique vineyards throughout Argentina that you have never heard of......I have bought some of the best Malbec and Cab Sav I had while in BA...
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    Hairdresser that speaks English?

    I am leaving Buenos Aires but want to add a note about Javier Aranda at Sicodelica Hair Art. He's the only hairdresser in Buenos Aires can cut horrible curly hair like mine. I took my partner and my mum and aunt when they came for a couple of weeks. Years ago mum was a hairdresser. They cannot...
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    Two Bedroom Recoleta Or Barrio Norte

    I am not going to stay for the whole year now. Leaving my options open. Thanks for your help.
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    A Printer Who Speaks English

    I need to have some things printed and it looks to be a little cheaper here than at home. However, I really want to find someone who speaks English. Has anyone found a great printer who speaks English while on their travels....
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    Getting Us Dollars Out Of Ar

    Contact GS_Dirtyboy what's that mean?
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    Two Bedroom Recoleta Or Barrio Norte

    I am looking for a two bed at peso rates. I want to rent for two years, but do not have a guarantee. I am told insurance is available but cannot find a source. I want to furnish myself.
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    Curly African American Hair Products

    My girlfriend has almost afro hair, she came for four weeks. She found a guy who is from central America at this salon he had various safe products to stop her crazy frizzy haha
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    Getting Us Dollars Out Of Ar

    I am thinking to buy somewhere at the moment. However, I was told by three different accountants that there is difficulty getting funds out of Argentina when you sell. Even though the law states that investors should be able to repatriate their funds after disposing of assets, accountants told...
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    2/3 Bed Unfurnished Recoleta/palermo

    I am looking for an unfurnished 2/3 bedroom apartment for 1-2 years in Recoleta/Barrio Norte - not too far north. I am looking for owner direct to reduce my up-front costs. Most important is a good kitchen space and modern bathroom. I am so disappointed by the quality of spaces I have seen and...
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    Does anyone know a good printer in Central Buenos Aires? I want some business cards and have specific colours, etc, I am not a fluent Spanish speaker and I am also finding printers a bit of a disaster. Thanks for the help.
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    Long Term Rental

    I am looking for a two-three bedroom apartment owner direct. I have a guarantor in form of local property or insurance. I am looking for peso rates not dollars - I will can not/will not pay anything in dollars. I want to be in Recoleta or Bario Norte.
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    Usd Cash Exchange Q

    Can I just clarify, if I wander along Florida Street I can find 14+ pesos for each dollar, as opposed to official rate - commission?