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    Expats in Buenos Aires, Argentina -news article-

    Very nice being interviewed by these two, and the article turned out well. Here is my blog about food and dining in BA, which The Atlantic syndicates: Cheers
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    Cheese please!

    Gruyere is a style of swiss cheese (there are many). Fontina is Italian, and Pategras is South American. Cheers.
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    No streaming videos from the US?

    Just use hotspot shield, but it will slow down your connection. Depending on your Internet service, it may take a minute or two to buffer first. Patience is a must.
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    Looking for long-term rental in Palermo

    We are a young married couple moving to Buenos Aires in early February, and we're looking to rent an apartment for about six months. If you know of anything available in Palermo that is a 1-bedroom we'd love to take a look.