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    Using adaptors on American appliances

    I am uncertain whether certain small American appliances will be available in Argentina and am considering bringing several of my kitchen favorites with me--just in case. Of course, I would have to use an adaptor with them on a regular basis and was wondering how well if at all this would work...
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    Importing a pet cat

    Thanks for your comments, Slush. I just assumed it would be better to send the cat on ahead of us to avoid potential hassles. I was told by the airlines (Continental) that there are no guarantees regarding whether or not they will allow the cat to be checked as excess baggage or even air cargo...
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    Importing a pet cat

    Does anyone have any suggestions for avoiding/reducing the Cargo Clearance EZE Airport fee for importing a pet cat? We were planning on shipping the cat as "live animal cargo" via Continental Airlines one day before our own arrival and letting a representative from Las Lunas pet moving service...