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    Tourist visa expired & crossing into Bolivia

    Hello all, My tourist visa has expired and I'm heading to Bolivia for a month. I will most likely cross the border at La Quiaca - Villazon. Does anyone know if you can pay the $300 visa fine at any border crossing? I have only heard of people paying the fine at Ezeiza and on route to Colonia...
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    Past 90 Days, What Happens If Stopped in the Street, In An Accident, etc?

    It may invalidate your medical / travel insurance.
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    One more dollar question!

    I have $500 that I looking to exchange for pesos. PM if you're interested. I live in Palermo. Highest bidder wins : )
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    Advice on...

    ...getting clothes posted from Europe. I know that there is a ban and/or high tariffs on imports into the country but I would like to know if anyone has any advice on get getting used [winter] clothes posted from Europe? As they're my used clothing, is this still considered an import? I would...
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    Advice paying rent

    Hello all, I am currently living in a shared apartment in Palermo and pay US$500 per month. I have lived there for 3 months and really like it. I have two options in terms of paying rent: I can pay in US Dollars or Pesos. I didnt bring a supply of Dollars so I have normally pay in Pesos...
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    Spanish teacher recommendation

    Hello all, I just wanted to let you know about a Spanish teacher which I have been using for the past 6 weeks. I thought this would be a good platform to share this type information - from one expat to another! Her name is Eli and she lives in Recoleta. She has been teaching for 5 years and is...
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    Young adults to meet up :)

    Cool - count me in. But just one question: how will we recognise each other....
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    In need of...

    ..a free tv. If anyone has or knows of someone with a free old TV which they no longer use or need - please let me know. I do not mind collecting! Please let me know. Neil
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    Video conference facilities

    Hello, I hope you are all well and combating this cold spell. I was wondering if anyone has any video conferencing facilities that I could use briefly? The reason I ask is because I have a job interview for a role in Madrid but their Buenos Aires office does not have video conference...
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    Isenbeck Beer Festival

    Does anyone know what time this event starts and finishes? the website isnt clear at all!
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    Suggestions of San Telmo bars...

    I recently went to Puerta Roja and thought it was pretty cool.
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    In need of...

    Thanks guys! I am looking for something formal. I will check out Walmart! If all else fails then I will have to bite the bullet
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    Spanish classes in a school

    I am currently at Expanish in Microcentro and I am very impressed by their professionalism. It is on the top end of the price bracket though - US$180-195 for 20 hours a week.
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    In need of...

    ..shirts Hello Forum-goers, It is common knowledge that clothes here are over priced and are poor quality. However I am in need of some new shirts (I underpacked!). Does anyone know of a good place to buy shirts? My alternative is to ship them from abroad which will be uneconomical. Thanks a...
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    New and already had a gun pulled on me

    Hey - I would recommend Expanish. I am currently studying there and I am really impressed by their professionalism. I also have Rosetta Stone (Latin America Spanish Level 1-5) if you, or other Expats would like to upload it on to their computers. Neil
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    Squash courts

    Hello all, does anyone know of any squash courts/clubs near to the Plaza Italia area in Palermo? I am keen to get involved. Also, does anyone fancy a game? Kind regards, Neil
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    Voltage advice...

    Thanks a lot for all the information chaps. I was honestly worried that I had some sort of voltage issue. You are right - my laptop is kind of old. Maybe it's time to buy a new one. (Online from the UK of course!) Neil
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    Voltage advice...

    Hello all, I arrived in BA from London 2 weeks ago - great place so far. One thing I would like some advice on if possible is regarding my laptop and the voltage in Argentina. So I have a UK plug adapter in order to recharge my laptop however the laptop adapter gets very hot and I am...
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    Looking for a room

    Hello all, I am looking for a room in a houseshare in BA - does anyone know of anything available? I am looking on Craiglist but thought I would give this a try too. I am: -26 yrs old - male - British - here learning Spanish - intending to stay for 6-12 months Looking for: - somewhere...
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    Best way to access Canadian funds from BA

    I am off to BA in three weeks and I am looking into this at the moment and it seems pretty hard to avoid fees from the UK. Santander offer a no-fees account but you need to have £30k in your account and pay in £1,000pcm HSBC has a Premier account but you need to have £100k in your account...