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    Who know of A Place To Have Boots Made?

    hi, I would also recommend la casa de las botas. I had a pair made to measure a few months ago. The service was excellent, they have a quick turn-around time, and the boots are just divine. There are lots of styles to choose from, and they're happy for you to mix and match. They're not cheap...
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    1 yr. apartment rental - October 2012

    hi Amber, i have a studio apartment with a private roof terrace that is rented out short term to tourists, but I would be willing to consider a one year contract. It's on Av Estado de Israel, one block from Av Cordoba, 4 blocks from the subte. It has heating and AC, a double bed, dining area...
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    What do you like best about being here?

    countless tree-lined avenues; the smell of jasmine plants when you're walking along the street; the weather; the architecture; seeing dog walkers with like, 15 mutts trailing behind them (but not the poo, obviously...); the support of the arts, with so many fabulous, free events; the tango...
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    Friendless mexican lady!

    hi Estibaliz, I can't comment very much on specific beginners tango lessons, as I had already learned to dance tango in Edinburgh before I moved here. However, I can say that I used to go to a tango practica which is open all day, where people sit around and drink mate in between practising...
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    I wanna get naked this summer!

    a friend of mine just 2 weeks ago went to Palos Verdes (one of the ones listed in I thought it was just a nudista country park, but he says it's really quite full on, with rooms for sex where people leave the door open when they're happy for others to join them (or not...
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    Crafty People?

    excellent, i look forward to it :-)
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    Pork improves sex life, says Argentine leader

    isn't it just a ruse to distract people from the increase in the price of beef this week, and the lack of beef coming in from the countryside...?
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    Crafty People?

    Hi guys, I'd be up for some crafty business too. The beads sound lovely. I work with wood quite a bit, making frames for my paintings, plus I make a whole load of different things to put around the house and garden, lampshades, candle holders, sculptures, anything really. I especially love to...
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    Where to buy Essential Oil?

    hi, I buy essential oils quite a lot for use in the face and body care products that I make. I usually get my oils at: Jemco, Perón 940, piso 3 and Balvanera, Hipolito Yrigoyen 2476 I have bought from Deva's in the past, which is a lovely place, but much pricier than the others.
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    Taking a local out to dinner

    i don't know what kind of place you're looking for, but my 2 favourite restaurants to go eat out for a special occasion are Lele (Costa Rica & Thames) and El Ultimo Beso (on Nicaragua betw Thames and Serrano). I think the food is better in Lele. They are both beautifully decorated, but in...
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    Getting the ingredients you want.

    hi guys, I'll next be in on Sunday. As long as it doesn't rain, I'll be at the Glorieta milonga in Barrancas Park in Belgrano, from 7.30-11pm (it is a beautiful, free, open air milonga in a bandstand. If you haven't ever been, it's worth a visit. You can just watch, you don't have to dance...!)...
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    Getting the ingredients you want.

    no problem :) just let me know how much you'd like...
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    Getting the ingredients you want.

    Sadly, Gruyere I can't offer you, but goat's cheese with real flavour I can. I keep goats and make cheese. It's a bit too strong for the local palette but perfect for mine! If you're interested, I'm in capital a couple of times a week and can take some in. It's AR$10 for 100g, semi duro...
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    Argentine Residency and Citizenship

    no, you know what, I had the letter for the residency. It didn't even come up as a problem when I went for the DNI. Have you resolved it, or are you still waiting for your DNI?
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    Argentine Residency and Citizenship

    sorry, only just checked back on this thread... I resolved the name issue by asking the British Consulate to stamp a letter that I produced, which stated that my passport and my birth certificate are for the same person, although the middle name appears in one doc and not the other. They used to...
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    Any movie lovers out there?

    Hi to all, i have lots of CDs of "old" British and US movies (ranging from the 50s to the 70s, because I prepare the transcriptions. Some of them are awful, but some are great, so much so that i forget to write what they're saying because I'm too busy watching the movie. I just leave the CDs in...
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    Buying your couch

    how about I have bought furniture from the pulgas in the past and I would agree that it is pricey
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    Anybody know know a realtor? aka RENTAL HELP NEEDED

    Hi, I have a 2 bedroom house with patio to rent on Av Estado de Israel, 4 blocks from subte Angel Gallardo. It is rented out for temporary lets so a 6 month let without guantia isn't a problem. Only thing is, it is curently rented til 17th Feb. If you're interested you can see photos online at...
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    Argentine Residency and Citizenship

    hi guys. I started the application for my residency (as a Rentista) last year. I decided to do this after 4 years of living here because they were starting to get difficult in Buquebus when I left every 3 months to renew my tourist visa. However, having said that, I think things are getting...