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    Things to do in BsAs

    My wife and I have three kids. At times I read about events in the city that we would enjoy...but read about them after they happen! Are there a couple of websites someone could recommend that announce city activities? thanks
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    Obama - man of peace

    I turned green in 2009 and voted for Obama...the first time I've voted for a Democratic contender for the presidency. I like being a Democrat as I'd moved too far away from Bushism. However....had anyone mentioned Obama getting the Nobel Prize in January when he was inaugurated, I think the...
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    Winter Clothes for BA

    We've been here in BsAs for a number of years; in the winter we use sweaters and sometimes a winter coat, often dressing in layers. We have used gloves at times but never boots...that's for further south. Have a great trip!
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    Flights to US from Buenos Aires

    I am trying to get a cheap(er) flight to the US from Buenos Aires, but sites such as Priceline or Cheap Flights require a US departure. Are there any sites that provide lower prices when departing from Buenos Aires? Thank you!
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    packages from US

    When friends/family send us packages from the US we ask that they be sent in a padded envelope: these arrive at your door easily if under two pounds. Stuff sent in boxes often goes to the Central Post Office down by Retiro, it is a hassle to get these items. One family member recently sent us...
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    The street money changers are called "arbolitos" (the diminutive for "arbol", or "tree"). They do sometimes offer better rates. If you are a member at Santander Rio you can do an exchange online and get a better rate than a bank branch will give you.
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    B'aires Butlers

    My family and I just returned to BsAs where I serve as the pastor of the International Bible Church in Martinez, province of Buenos Aires. We'd lived here for 8 years, then spent a year in beautiful Colorado, USA. Friendships, asados, long, sunny days, late nights and copas of vino tinto....I...