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    Architect / Architectural Lighting Designer

    if any of you need a photographer let me know ;) are you involved in LED usage? would love to learn about them
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    Best Pizza in BA

    Hi all, i come from naples, the place where pizza was invented (at least the one with tomate and mozzarella) even if many american people think pizza is an US food :cool: the argentinean pizza got too much "muzzarella", not talking about the muzzarella quality, the quantity it self it's just...
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    anyone have suggestions for a quick weekend get-away?

    don't you know you are in a cage? :) try colonia, or tandil
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    Militant Byclist

    you are free to stay at home with cable TV , delivery and playstation or to give it a try does it make sense to live if you are not even free to get around by bike? it must start from somewhere bikes bikes bikes
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    Militant Byclist

    i totally agree and won the fear after 2 months i used to ride my bike also in Rome, i have to say here is worst but still feasible and it's a joy on a sunday! i wonder why there is not (YET?) a critical mass in buenos aires we could plan a tour together sometimes!
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    Why Argentine Women are so Angry!

    probably because they live in a machist society?
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    pollution in BA

    pollution?!?!? which pollution?!?!?! if you talk to portenos you will realize they don't even see it! this drive me crazy but is true. I don't know about particular infection but i think you don't need to be a scientist to understand that black smoke clouds coming out from colectivos will hurt you.
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    Roberto Benigni in Buenos Aires

    i would love to go let me know
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    Food revolution bypasses Buenos Aires

    i'm italian, among the thousand of "italian" restaurant in buenos aires i still haven't found even one which cook in a decent way. The italian kitchen it's very simple and all the basic ingredients here are so tasty, los portenos got everything they need to do good things, but i guess the lack...
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    Birthday Cake

    well there are lots of pnanaderia, honestly i don't think there is any special, so just focus on simple things and go on
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    Expat Lunch March 17th at 1 PM!

    Hi all, i have a meeting and the place is too far from here :( what about a post office for saint patrick as well? there will be a parade starting at 18h and there are many irish pub in reconquista near cordoba let me know have a good lunch! Delfo
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    Expat Lunch March 17th at 1 PM!

    hi, it is quite far from my office but i'll try to join you! Delfo
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    Hola, does anybody knows where to achieve an acceptable (italian, or even better campanian) buffalo mozzarella in buenos aires? thank you Delfo
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    New in baires

    Well i'm not that new as is 2 months i'm eating meat but i will stay in esto quilombo for at least 2 years so i still consider me new i'm an italian who love photography, as well as to cook so if anybody in here would like to share it just knok at my door! Delfo