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    Visa Fee To Chile, Usa Passport Holder Also W/argentine Dni

    Now no reciprocity fee in Chile for US citizens, but still applicable to Canadians and Australians.
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    No More Chile Reciprocity Fee At Santiago For Us Citizens

    No more Chile reciprocity fee at Santiago airport for US citizens! Some good news. Australians and Canadians still have to pay.
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    55% Inflation. New Era Of Honesty???

    Anybody who lives in Argentina has to recognize that inflation is now over 50% a year. A friend who owns a mini-market has said in January alone, prices for his products from wholesalers averaged a 40% increase.
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    Maple Syrup

    I have had students give me close-to-untouched bottles or jars of maple syrup (usually given to them as gifts from visiting Canadians or New Englanders) , because most Argentineans find the taste too bitter or strong. To me, as a Canadian, it is like a gift of gold.
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    Supermarket Blackout Movement /tomorrow Friday

    How is that possibly going to have an effect? Not the right targets. They need to have a long-term mass boycott paying taxes or public utilities to have any effect, but that requires balls.
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    Blue Dollar - Over

    There are still lots of restrictions. To say it is the end of the cepa seems a bit of an overstatement. As the article says, the extent of the changes are still unknown,
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    Blue Dollar - Over

    Not so fast, too soon to see what the measure actually is.
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    How Much To Charge For Private English Lessons???

    Wait a the 90'swas the time of 1:1 for pesos and dollars, so you were not earning that much.
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    How Much To Charge For Private English Lessons???

    I think we should all agree that 100 pesos an hour is a minimum (and probably too low if you are a trained English teacher) now, given the low value of the peso and inflation. If the students (or schools) have problems with this psychological barrier (and it shouldn't be ) in early 2014, then...
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    Foreigners (Tourists & Non-Res) Cannot Use Ars For Travel

    Why have the dozens of foreign tourists I have talked to over the past week all tell me that they have had no problem paying cash with pesos? I believe there may be exceptions with Uruguay boatlines and a few other places, but I still beleive the decree only applies to card purchases, not cash.
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    Foreigners Cannot Buy Travel In Pesos??

    After travelling down to Patagoinia now, and talking to many fellow travellers, no requirements arising for tourists to pay in dollars! (as of yet anyway) Hopefully this article from the profesional website has grossly misinterpreted the decree.
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    Foreigners Cannot Buy Travel In Pesos??

    Any experience here to report?
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    New Rodent Species Named After The Kirchners

    Speaking of rodents, a reoccurrence of mouse and rat plague and hanta-virus in parts of the Andes, specifically Parque nacional de Alerces: (disturbing images)
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    Correo Strike

    How can you tell if a postal worker is on strike?
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    A Pet Linguistic Peeve

    Then call them "Argentinos" if you want to respect what they "say". I refuse to say Argentine, as i know it is an historical slur, even if many Argentinians themselves use it. But that is my prejudice. I also agree that any use is fine as long as it is said with respect, such as my calling the...
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    A Pet Linguistic Peeve

    "Argentine" goes against the linguistic norms of nationality nomenclature, a quaint, somewhat xenophobic (and founded on racism) term like Spaniard, when it is better to use a term like Spanish, an accepted suffix that the British prefer for themselves and their home nations , but refuse to give...
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    I Want To Fly At Bariloche, But My Visa Expired

    For domestic flights, this is correct. check this for international flights:
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    I Have Overstayed 90 Day Visa... Is It Better To Pay Fine Or

    Check this thread. Probably have to pay in person at Migracion at moment, as apparently no online payment yet. Only departure point to pay appears to be at EZE. Apparentlythey will not let you leave by ferry until you pay at Migracion in town, you cannot pay at ferry departure. Things still up...
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    Public Urination

    OP: You are way too sensitive.This is normal in most countries in the world. Here, there are few public toilets and too many guards in places like McDonalds to negotiate. This is called nature, get used to it, or go back to Mallville. :)
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    Bbc Website Blocked?

    Okay, the cookies thing worked, so I guess my gut reac :rolleyes: tion was wrong. Was called paranoid here when I predicted the cepa and travel controls before the last election, and when I was one of the first to suggest INDEC was fudging the figures. ;)