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    Vacation Time in Argentina

    As a US citizen, I was surprised to find out that many Argentine jobs give you 3 weeks vacation right when you start. However, I found it especially interesting/odd that you are supposed to take all 3 weeks at once and not split it up. I'd like to see what you guys think! Please elaborate in the...
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    Good kids shows?

    I don't let my kids watch too much television, I prefer they read or do activities, but I don't think a little TV is a problem. My kids speak decent Spanish since their little brains just absorb it, so I'm hoping to find some good, educational shows they can watch. Any moms out there got some...
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    How Many South American Countries Have You Visited?

    I was hoping that living in Buenos Aires would open my family up to more travel opportunities, but we have only been to Uruguay thus far. I was wondering how many other South American countries you other expats have visited?
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    Fashion in BA

    What are everyone's thoughts on the fashion here in Buenos Aires? I know the locals aim for a sort of European look that they sometimes hit and sometimes miss by a mile. Some things I like: Long hair (though sometimes it gets a little scraggly and needs a trim!) Scarves - my goodness do...
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    38th Feria del Libro!

    The 38th Feria del Libro (book fair) is coming up! I have actually never been to this, but I am planning on making the trip this year. I saw the line outside last year - pretty impressive! I figure if people were wiling to wait in a line that long, the books must really be good. I'm very...
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    The Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival is here! I have heard such amazing things about this festival. I plan to go to a lot of movies and take my kids to a few. Have any of you read through the descriptions and picked out any must sees? Here's the link...
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    How do you use your vacation time?

    In the US vacation time is usually used for a 1 week short vacation or often just spent with family. I'm curious to how argentines and expats spend it here. Let me know in the poll and/or comments!
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    Easter Activities to do with your kids!

    I know there must be plenty of other moms out there celebrating Easter here with their kids. I noticed some people were asking about plastic eggs, I never found any, but I improvised. For my kids, I'll be hiding some of the hard boiled ones we dyed (with notes on where I hid them so we don't...
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    Fall recipes!

    Anyone getting in the mood for fall recipes? I love summer salads but I'm getting a little tired of them. My favourite thing to make in the winter chili, vegetarian style. It's still too warm for that though. Maybe I can swing stuffed peppers with rice cold? I usually do them cheesy and hot...
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    Bye Bye American Pie at MALBA

    Have you guys heard about the Bye Bye American Pie event that is showing at MALBA? It sounds pretty cool, especially for us Americans! Obviously, the exhibition is named after the famous Don McLean song, but it's not an exhibit just about him. It is supposed to represent the transformation of...
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    Different Spanish Accents

    I'm curious to see how expats and natives alike feel about the Argentine accent versus other Spanish speaking accents. Before I moved here, I only had heard Cuban and Mexican accents in person. I think the Argentine accent is smoother and easier for me to understand. However, I still think the...
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    Thanksgiving dinner

    I had no idea you could make your own marshmallows! I might have to give that a try
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    Thanksgiving dinner

    Is anyone going to attempt an actual Thankgsiving dinner? I would love to do this for my kids but I am worried it will just be too heavy and hot! I have purchased a turkey and some basics to make a veggie casserole. Anyone know where to get cranberries? Or marshmallows? Any idea how the batata...
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    Gaining weight in Buenos Aires

    Had any one else had weight issues since moving here? I find it is hard to not consume large amounts of red meat and bread. Also, the sweets here! I see people eat cookies for breakfast or of course, medialunas - but the locals all stay skinny! Do you think it just has to do with the food you...
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    How did you end up being an expat in Buenos Aires?

    I am just curious to see how everyone ended up here!
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    Pets in BA

    I would really like to get a pet here in Buenos Aires, I was wondering where all of you got yours?
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    Pets in BA

    How many of you have pets and what kinds? I see so many dog walkers in the city, it makes me wonder if EVERYONE has a dog! I would love to adopt one of the kitties from the jardin botanico. Do you think having a pet here is any more expensive than in the US?
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    Argentine City to visit on vacation

    I have only been to a few places around Buenos Aires but I have heard a lot of about other Argentine cities. I was wondering which one you prefer for a vacation? My family and I are thinking about taking a vacation in January.
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    Good sushi in the city?

    I have officially given up! There is no good delivery sushi in this city. Every time I order from highly recommended places, the food is awful! not even the quality of grocery store sushi in the US. I don't believe good sushi exists here. What do you think?
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    Expat Moms - are Argentine kids rude?

    I know this is a generalization but do any other moms (or dads) think that kids in BA are incredibly rude and/or spoiled? I have found that I see kids telling their mothers "calláte" and screaming when they don´t get what they want. Of course this happens everywhere but I feel like I see it a...