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    Who are buying houses?

    The locals I know who bought either scrimped and bought tiny dark places, got a "deal" from a family member, got a loan from family which they pay back like a mortgage, or.... Work for a big multinational bank. Oh but the landlord of my place had a bunch of apartments, he just saved up the rent...
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    Are banks/WU closed Monday and Tuesday for the various 'Shrove' holidays?

    Well, unexpected if you didn't have the Argentine Holidays tab of your Google calendar ticked off...
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    Is Buenos Aires REALLY dangerous?

    I always wonder; what is the most common method of 'breaking in'? I have a PB apartment, and I used to worry that someone would scale the 20 courtyard wall like a Batman villain with a rope/hook combination. And, those 1st floor apartments with balconies often have bars; are people bringing...
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    Are banks/WU closed Monday and Tuesday for the various 'Shrove' holidays?

    I need to change a bit of money, and I realized this may be one of those unexpected days when things are closed...
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    How often can you apply for the rentista visa if you are denied?

    Just curious, (and I'm not sure I understand the ins and outs) you're required to get your $2,000/mo in pesos paid out in ARG. I assume that's via WU, or must it be through a bank? Then, you want to use $1,000 of it for expenses, and put the other $1,000 (now in pesos) back into the Fidelity...
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    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, January 24 at MAWII in Palermo

    I'll stop by... sorry for the late reply, wasn't sure if I'd have time, but I do!
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    Jacaranda Peeping: best location?

    The one in Palermo has a real dearth of flowering trees. So far I've been randomly coming across them, but I will look at the places mentioned by Rich... the hunt continues!
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    Jacaranda Peeping: best location?

    The title says it all. My first time here while the trees are still blooming; where shall I walk this weekend to get an eyeful?
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    Looking for 2-3 ambientes in Villa Crespo Maybe monkey king and his gf are going to make a contract for a long term rental and turn it into an Airbnb, and leave the country in the meantime? Even though I'm joking, are...
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    Good news for retirees living on Social Security payments...

    Well of Bernie proposed it, I doubt it will get enough support. I say this as a Bernie fan (and a cynic). More likely we don't see another COLA adjustment for a while and they raise the age a bit. The government did save a chunk by the deaths of so many elderly in the pandemic, and it may surge...
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    Good news for retirees living on Social Security payments...

    Haha I'm the person who did the illustrations for that article, coincidentally. And I'm doing another drawing for an article on the future of SS for young people, which will be published either this Wednesday or Friday (probably friday). From reading the author's notes (still in process), it...
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    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, Sept 27 at MAWII in Palermo

    I'll swing by... I went last week and it was just me and another expat w/ her son, because we were both so late. I'll be more punctual this week (as in, less than an hour late)
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    The vicepresident's murder attempt

    Yes, watching from the USA, it's not shocking that a disorganized nut owned a gun that didn't work properly, or had old ammunition, or he forgot to load the first bullet correctly, etc. We had a guy try to attack the FBI headquarters with a nailgun a few weeks back, after he saw YouTube videos...
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    Legality of repeated Western Union cash pickups?

    Thanks for this thoughtful reply, Quilombo! I had to look up a bunch of the acronyms (I'm just a tourist visa gal, so I don't know all the banking organizations yet). Looking into it a bit, it seems the USA and Argentina signed an agreement in 2017 to exchange tax information, but they must...
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    Legality of repeated Western Union cash pickups?

    Yes, it sounded highly unlikely to me. Would WU share that information with the government; who's withdrawing how much, for how long... I can't picture it. But let's see if anyone else chimes in.
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    Legality of repeated Western Union cash pickups?

    This is not me, but a friend who's living there for half a year writes:"Just had a consultation with a lawyer and since I’m living here long term he was advising I not use western union all the time since I could get flagged and worst case given 30 days to become legal before getting deported."...
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    Any change on entrance requirements to argentina?

    So DDJJ was the proof of insurance requirement? Good, 'cause I'm coming next week and I procrastinated on getting extra coverage... to my benefit! My USA insurance covers emergency room and urgent care. Not sure if I should bother getting more...
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    Anarcho-capitalist Javier Milei is stirring up politics

    I agree; to me Bolsonaro, Trump, and Milei all go in the same basket because they choose to put themselves in the same basket. And of course they all ride on the Evangelical/online youth/anti-science/ImGonnaBeRichSomeday/throw-the-bums-out vote... It would be shocking if the random grab-bag of...
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    Anarcho-capitalist Javier Milei is stirring up politics

    I watch the news sometimes to practice my Spanish (until the day I can wander back down to BA), and I think the electioneering tactics of Milei and Trump are *super* similar. Both have gone from being eccentric TV characters to ruling the snarky young social media platforms: soooo many Milei...
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    It’s official Joe Biden becomes the 46 President of the United States.

    I'm just visiting from the US to see the response of the expats (always curious how it's going down there, as normally I would be there this time of year); actually she was climbing into the interior window. You can see it more clearly in this video, which splices together different angles...