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    Just arrived

    hey Julia. I'm a 28 year old guy from Australia, and will be in Buenos Aires on Feb 11th for 1 week holiday, and was also looking to meet new people! my spanish is also VERY limited. I have been to the states a few times, and absoutley loved it there (NYC always amazes me). cheers, evren
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    Darrens little intro...

    hey Darren, while I am probably not as computer literate as yourself, I do enjoy bars and socialising, and heard that Palermo is THE place for that! I'm an aussie travelling solo, comming to Buenos Aires feb 11th for 1 week, and was hoping to meet a few mates while I am there! I'll be staying in...
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    Aussie in Buenos Aires

    aussie male comming to Buenos Aires on Feb 11th for 1 week. very very excited about the trip! i am travelling solo, so was hoping to meet some people to hang around with in BA! I enjoy the whole Argentine way of life - eating at 10pm, then going to a club at 1-2am and dancing till the sun comes...