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    Piano lessons

    Hi, can anyone recommend a piano teacher here in BA? I´m looking for a few hours a week of lessons.... Many thanks
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    Just arrived in BA

    Hi all, I´ve just arrived in Buenos Aires from the UK, I´m a 32 year old female travelling on my own and I don´t know anyone in the city yet! I´m planning to stay for around 4 months to learn Spanish. If anybody fancies meeting up for a drink then it would be good to hear from you. best...
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    cost of living... advice needed!

    thanks everyone for your help. I've been living in London for the last ten years and one good thing is everything seems cheap when abroad - however as i'll be in BA with some savings and not earning £/$ i'll have to keep a tight hand on my purse. I think from what you've all said i'll be able to...
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    cost of living... advice needed!

    Hi, wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I’m will be moving to Buenos Aries at the beginning of May to learn Spanish. I’m trying to get an idea of roughly how much it will cost me to live per month in the city. I don’t want to live on the poverty line and scrimp too much, I...