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    The Buenos Aires Digital Nomad Program

    Agreed. I've spent a lot of time in CDMX and love the city. As a South Texan, I have a strong cultural affinity for the city and country. But it is more widely dirty, dangerous, and polluted than BA. The food in CDMX is amazing, as it is in BA, so I'd call that a draw more or less. I feel much...
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    Private Spanish tutor for accent reduction

    I just finished binge watching the 5 seasons of Shetland. I love the accents!
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    The Buenos Aires Digital Nomad Program

    I would definitely consider moving down if I could get a one year visa without a lot of hassle. Vermont is beautiful but boring after a short while. I've done two long trips to BA and it is infinitely more exciting and interesting place to live. As it is, I'm planning on moving down for at least...
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    Dealing with noisy neighbours in BA

    Drop some stink bombs on their patio.,container%20and%20letting%20them%20spoil.
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    I got my citizenship after 6 years

    Congrats! I don't understand why a country with so many economic problems makes it difficult for people with money from a rich country to relocate there and spend their money there.
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    US Citizen Interested in moving to Buenos Aries

    I feel you Sequoia. I am an attorney in San Antonio and have grown weary living here especially with the pandemic. A couple thoughts from my perspective. I've done two ten day trips to BA in the last 4 years and absolutely loved it. I stayed in Palermo both times and that's where I would live if...
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    "Coronavirus: Oxford vaccine triggers immune response"

    I heard a very positive podcast today about the Oxford vaccine by two very well regarded American epidemiologists. They think it will be available in the U.S. in large numbers in the Fall. I don't know if that means September or later towards November. Hopefully the former.
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    Will the Border be closed for the rest of the year?

    Is it possible to come to BA by ferry from Montevideo or is that banned? I'd like to visit BA for a month in August, but it sounds like that probably won't be possible.