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    Fascists in Palermo

    In some sense you are correct, but I think you overlook the fact this very forum and others like it are a "press". As far as I can tell, there's plenty of freedom in media today when you take into account the internet. Obviously there are problems of access, quality, etc. but those are...
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    Is Environmentalism going too far?

    Let's hope so. Then, maybe we can get on with the business of rolling out nuclear energy and, as a result, raise peoples standard of living. Funny how some people claim to hate derivatives and speculation but just love Cap&Trade. WTF?
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    `the Death of America - 21/01/10 - R.I.P.

    You're not alone in thinking that we need to seek a "new world." The sea steading folks are working on just such a thing but at sea rather than space. I'll buy in when/if they get something deployed. [1]
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    `the Death of America - 21/01/10 - R.I.P.

    If you'd have tossed in one of those, whatchamacallits... emoticons, I'd have gotten the joke. ;-) Hell, I might even have taken the time to say how concerned I am -- like you -- with the likely consequences of this decision.
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    `the Death of America - 21/01/10 - R.I.P.

    And this, my friends, is what those bereft of real arguments resort to. Never wrestle with a pig... you'll both get dirty, and only the pig will enjoy it.
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    `the Death of America - 21/01/10 - R.I.P.

    Being a modern American I suppose it's an expression of collective ignorance if I bother to quote our First Amendment and point out that it says "Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech." It does not say by whom or what form than speech takes. Moreover, I'd clearly be a fool...
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    The Skeptics Burden

    My point is that when we rational skeptics present our arguments, it's not helpful to be belligerent.
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    Internet Providers Which one do you have?

    Could you please run speedtest [1] and pingtest [2] like the other users did (connecting to Washington DC) and post the results? If you're connection is appreciable better than most, I think I start getting those trucks roll'n to my place. [1] [2]...
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    The Skeptics Burden

    Fellow Skeptics and Cynics alike, Let's be kind to the non skeptic, shall we? After all, it's not easy to see propaganda when you've been conditioned (intentionally or otherwise) to accept it. Let's tone down the heated rhetoric, forgo the sweeping allegations, and refrain from the dogmatic...
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    clamping down on perma-tourists

    Equating overstaying a visa with, say institutional corruption or laws preventing murder and theft, is odd, to say the least. All laws are not equal.
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    The worst pizza in the world?

    What an insightful question. Reminds me of the studies blind wine tasting studies. Apparently, we humans have an uncanny ability to fool ourselves. Consider the the placebo effect, for example. I currently have myself convinced that the beef in Bariloche is 100% grass feed... by the hand of...
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    The worst pizza in the world?

    Some of you might find this article interesting: "Export-Oriented Populism: Commodities and Coalitions in Argentina"[1] The reality of grain vs. grass feed is more complicated that people might first imagine. I was surprised, after reading this [2] report. [1]...
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    Illegal to have English-language books sent here?

    Sorry to hear about your encounter with the abusive government official. It's times like these when mobile phones can be pretty darn handy. Next time, consider hitting the record button. ;-)
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    Hello, how is everyone?

    Happy to hear from you. What's it like being an expat in small town Argentina?
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    Shipping a Kindle to Argentina

    My understanding [1] is that whispernet for Kindle International will not be rolled out in Argentina, so I don't think reading Wikipedia from anywhere will be available. Would really like to be wrong about this tho. [1]
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    Shipping a Kindle to Argentina

    Let's see, where to begin? For the english speaking expat that wants a broad selection of reasonably priced English titles, it's an obvious choice. Some of use make our living via the word and having easy access to books, journals and papers is critical. Also, the display technology is...
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    Swine Flue

    Funny aren't they? And sorta sad too, no?
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    Am I the only one who believes Christina is being given a hard time.

    We were speaking specifically about banking and Executive Decree. I wasn't saying that US didn't have such a structure nor was I suggesting that US presidents always used Executive Decree appropriately. I *was* challenging your assertion that "...U.S presidents do this all the time and they...
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    Am I the only one who believes Christina is being given a hard time.

    The US has corruption issues, to be sure, but they are not of the same nature as Argentina's. You say that US presidents "do this" all the time but I can't find a time in the recent past when a US president used the power of Presidential Decrees to force the fed to back a government bond. I'm...
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    Expats and Alcohol

    Oh, you rascal. ;-) The question was "Is price really the determining factor in people's consumption..."? Everywhere and always the answer is yes. There is a price, possibly quite high, at which you will no longer purchase that cocktail on the beach or that bottle of Malbec. It's also true...