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    Buenos Aires crime rate

    Just some information about US crime A bit dated, but the data usually is a year late anyway....check out crime in the USA In Sept 2006 the 2005 results were published Latest 2005 Crimes per 100,000 People...
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    Cat Care -We visit your home once a day while you travel

    Two expats offering cat sitter services...sorry, no dogs, no fish, no birds. We will gladly bring in your mail, water plants, and a daily 30 minute visit for your kitty. Cuddles, food, water, brushing, playing, litter box cleaning. Cats get lonely too. If you will be travelling for some time...
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    Renting Apartments, Good Companies

    Check out - phone contacts in US and Buenos Aires excellent services
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    How to buy prescription medications?

    I buy anti-depressants here, lexapro and wellbutran. No problem, a bit expensive, but no problem. The meds are safe here. These companies are the same manufacturers from the US. This country is too sophisiticated to have all these pharmacies selling sugar pills to people.