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    Help! Moving to BA from US this month

    I'm 26 and moved here from Chicago a couple months ago. Try not to sweat it!! Stay at Hostel Suites Obelisco... very clean and safe. Craigslist worked just fine for me. I found a great, safe room in an apartment in Recoleta within 3 days of arriving. There are tons of volunteer stuff...
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    Internet censored !!

    A friend of mine mentioned that perhaps it's a copyright issue on the part of each of those Tabloids.. that they don't want the external world stealing their content and so on. Interesting idea.. not sure if it's true or not. It's just rare to come across sites that are not accessible on the...
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    Internet censored !!

    Just for the record, I am NOT a reader of trashy U.S. tabloids, but I did discover that they are BLOCKED from my Internet connection here in Buenos Aires, and it's the same for a few friends of mine. Internet censorship (minus kiddie porn) kind of creeps me out. Check it out for yourself and...
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    health insurance rate up

    and I showed you where I got my Medicus policy that will give you the rate of 248 pesos a month, regardless of your age. It's one of the highest plans they offer, and includes dental. you're getting ripped off elsewhere. why not dump your current plan and switch over?
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    health insurance rate up

    First of all, I'm currently paying like 240 pesos a month (not 750 like you) for the best coverage that Medicus offers -- PPO medical and dental! You can find such an offer here: Now, will they raise my 'introductory premium' 20% a year to the...
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    health insurance rate up

    I can totally agree that a 20%+ increase is substantial and even devastating, esp. for people earning pesos. However, the same thing is happening in the U.S. You'd be just as stuck if not worse off if you lived in the U.S. and didn't get a insurance through an employer.. so all I'm saying is...
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    health insurance rate up

    I have an Aetna policy back in the States and they have raised my premiums about 20% a year too. That policy is a major medical policy with a $10,000 deductible. Here in Argentina I am paying half the price of the Aetna policy and have zero deductibles and no copays with Medicus. The...
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    sending text (SMS) messages to/from US/Europe

    Has anyone successfully sent or received text messages to and from the U.S./Europe and Argentina??? My friends have tried texting my Claro phone with the +54-9-11 ... to no avail. What's the trick??! Thanks!
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    U.S..Citizens - why did you move to Buenos Aires?

    there are crazy people everywhere.
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    A dreaded question

    Hey, I'm not quite in Buenos Aires yet and I'm not black, but this is being discussed on another expat blog. Check it out: Click here
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    Immigration Questions

    has anyone ever heard of one instance where an immigration officer refused to grant another 90 day visa following repeated trips to Uruguay or elsewhere? Is there any chance of experiencing a problem at the border? Thanks
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    cell phone questions

    So that means that your Skype acct., forwarding to your cell, is treated as a local incoming call and therefore Movistar doesn't charge you to receive the call? I was just confused about when Movistar (and other cell providers) charge on their end for me to receive calls. It's odd that local...
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    cell phone questions

    I have an unlocked BlackBerry Pearl which is a quadband phone.. it should work no problem with any pre-paid SIM. I don't expect the blackberry functions to work and so on.. but I just need a phone. I was hoping all incoming calls would be free to me so that people abroad could call me on it...
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    cell phone questions

    I currently live in Chicago but I'm preparing to live in Buenos Aires for a year. I will only be living there on a tourist visa, so I will have to settle with pre-paid wireless. Which provider does everyone recommend? I have roamed on Personal and understand they have the best coverage...