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    5 Tips for Newcomers

    Other banks will let you take out 2000 pesos (never tried for more) the thing is you need to do it as a whole new transaction. I've done it at both Galicia and Santander Rio.
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    Hi, Your only real recourse of action is to try and find someone who wants pesos that you could sell them to in exchange for paypal or bank transfer. Did this recently with a friend and it works fine, although you need to trust them. You could always do this in a cafe if not someone you trust or...
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    Nikon point & shoot touchscreen camera for sale (+ beads)

    NIKON CoolPix S6100 Priced for a quick & easy sale at $200 USD (will accept pesos) 16.0-megapixel sensor 7x wide-angle optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens advanced VR image stabilization HD (720p) video *Used under 10 times; I bought this as a gift for my mom who decided to take the plunge and...
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    Who's bought tortilla chips recently and where?

    Random but I just bought plain tortilla chips at Disco right near Facultad de Medicina/ Cordoba. Pretty sure they are Doritos brand, plain.
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    Going back to Montreal ?

    LOL poor Axel. I'm sure he just wants his stuff but voila. I'm actually going to Mtl next week but alas have more than enough luggage of my own. Worth noting: in Argentina, the majority (and then some) of foreigners incarcerated is related to drug charges. You get regular consular visits and so...
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    Advice needed: stuff held "hostage"!

    I don't think it's such a disaster, he probably just wants to try to handle things in person; I'm not sure why you'd need access to your things until you are in BA. I think if you take an aggressive approach it won't take you very far. Just be patient and persistent. I've often found when...
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    Help with prescription drugs.

    There are many generic brands here that are much less costly than name-brand, or similar products to those you may be using made here or in Brazil.... You could ask a doctor or even start by asking a pharmacist. I've known several people who far prefer the generic/ foreign versions of what they...
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    dollar - peso : exchange

    Ditto. Had a few recs before but coudlnt find one and the other seems to be closed. Have a few dollars I was keeping for duty free, may as well get rid of considering the markup.
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    dolar blue

    Assuming they don't want to provide you with their tax number, they should be willing to accept the actual exchange rate. If they are insisting on more, then they should be willing to provide you with their tax info number. Probably they are more interested in getting the cash and not...
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    Looking for a good "closed-door" restaraunt?

    I missed out the night I was supposed to go to Casa Coupage but the prices were: tasting menu of 4 courses, with 3 or 5 labels ($370 or $410) tasting menu of 6 courses, with 5 or 7 labels( $490 or $520) And apparently it was excellent (a bit long so go prepared!). You can order a la carte if...
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    ATM receipts with dollar withdrawal

    Hmmm, I'm guessing it was either an HSBC or Citi account drawn on same bank here? In general I didn't think a foreign account could draw out USDs... (ergo, so many tourists/expats running into problems with rent in USD). Honestly not sure what to tell you about that. It's not necessarily enough...
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    ATM receipts with dollar withdrawal

    You were able to draw out dollars from an ATM here? To me this indicates you have a USD account at a bank here, in which case, you should be able to go to them and get the pesos exchanged. An ATM receipt that would allow you to potentially get dollars at EZE would need to show that you took OUT...
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    Canada vs US (for duel citizens)

    It depends so much on what is important to you, what stage you are at, and what field your career is. Being Canadian first and foremost, the quality of life and national values that are essential to me obviously prejudice it as my first choice. There are many parts of the US that I adore, but...
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    Hopital Aleman - bloodwork

    For those who may be wondering about this in the future: The Hopital Aleman is incredibly efficient. Most of the time you will want to enter to the left entrance on Pueyrreddon into the Policlinic. You walk right to the cash/reception people and tell them what you're there for. I wanted to...
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    BsAs Safety

    I agree it's more dangerous than it was but honestly, that person to me had especially bad luck or something. In the 3ish years I've been here I haven't encountered that much crime among the sum of my acquaintances. I would not think you need to get in and get out - there are plenty of areas...
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    Hopital Aleman - bloodwork

    I've been here long enough to know that things that should be straightforward never are, so I'm just trying to figure it out proactively ;-) This approach generally saves me time. That said, it's helpful to know that I can see someone quickly and get the appointment right away. I would have...
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    Hopital Aleman - bloodwork

    Thanks, however as the specialist I want to see is there, and they are reputed to be the best, I figure it may be easier to get it all done there. Although I suppose I could check out if Scherer can be done without an orden (it's supposed to be the best of private clinics, per recent thread).
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    Hopital Aleman - bloodwork

    I was wondering if anyone has an experience with getting bloodwork done at Hopital Aleman. I know I do need an orden from a doctor to get bloodwork done there (called and asked). Does anyone know if I can just a) walk-in, see an on-call doctor to get the orden and get the tests done right...
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    Part venue with outdoor space??

    What about 878 Or kind of artsy (technically Almagro but closer to Recoleta than Hollywood) A little fancy would be Sanbenito (great food) - they have a private dining room upstairs I believe - and a gorgeous courtyard
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    What's your line of work? AKA - What does everyone do here?

    Marketing. I work with a Canadian consumer products company on several of their brands and with their a couple of their partner agencies, most often in a somewhat external counsel role, as well as contributing to internal reports/publications on (social/mobile) trends.