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    Life Drawing classes??

    Hello, My girlfriend is looking to take some life drawing classes. Does anyone have experience doing this in BsAs, or know of any classes? English or Spanish, though English would be preferable. Additionally, if you don't know life drawing classes per se, any info on art classes would be...
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    Southfest 2009 (music festival question)

    I am planning on attending, but won't buy a ticket for a few more weeks. I just purchased a ticket for Crobar Outdoor the other day, and that takes place next weekend. That is my only experience in AR, but otherwise I hav found with these big festivals that tickets dont run out, because the...
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    Manu Chao tickets?

    hello fans, wondering if anyone knows where to score manu chao tickets for the upcoming concert March 5th? Any info would help, thanks a lot!
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    Poker night anyone?

    seems fun, email the details to me as well, mcshane.ryan at gmail dotcom
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    New to BsAs

    hey everybody, just checked out this thread. My girlfriend and I are very new to the city as well, we would love to join. Im from Philly, she is from Kent, England, we're both 25. I suppose I will keep an ear open for the table with american accents!