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  1. scottlyon

    The Pope Is Argentine

    He's Jesuit too, the first one to be pope. Exciting times!
  2. scottlyon

    Dec 6Th Craziness And The Weekly Round Up.

    [7:30 PM] Godzilla finally shows up. I think Adrian may now be my most favourite read (Even though he doesn't write in proper English). That was hilarious - although I suppose you would have to have lived through it to fully get it. Cheers Adrian!
  3. scottlyon

    The Hoff

    I've been thinking that it'd be good to raise the profile of Argentina internationally. What better way to do it than the Hoff? Now...could someone point out where the beaches are please? I've done Pinamar but having my face sandblasted isn't my idea of a beach visit. I love Argentina but...
  4. scottlyon

    Where To Find Green/red Curry Paste In Centro?

    I don't really know because the forum software changed recently. Is there an 'edit' button in the bottom right corner of your original post? If there is you can click that an update. It's time locked though so I'm not sure how long it is available for editing. I hope this helps!
  5. scottlyon

    Where To Find Green/red Curry Paste In Centro?

    Barrio Chino. If you don't want tons of this answer then I'd recommend editing the title of the thread so people don't waste their time coming in to type 'Barrio Chino' One last time; Barrio Chino!
  6. scottlyon

    North American Tourist Shot While Buying Dollars On Florida

    Mai jai dee farang! How's assisting with paedophilia working for you? And before anyone says I took that too far - a man has been shot and by Joe's logic it's because he's 'in the country' so I'm only applying the same logic back.
  7. scottlyon

    Which Android Phone To Buy Here (Cost/value)?

    I'm not going to recommend a model as they're always shifting and no matter which one you get you'll be wanting another soon enough. I will however recommend XDA-Devs as they'll have a 'cooked ROM' for your device which will increase the abilities beyond the factory standard of almost any...
  8. scottlyon

    Looking For Website Developer Who Can Work In Wordpress

    I would seriously recommend looking around Themeforrest and getting someone to teach you about the structure and navigation aspect of WordPress because it's not difficult in the slightest. I think you've got the costing for the teaching and design aspect about correct for Argentina rates but...
  9. scottlyon

    Anybody Knows About The Solar Eclipse In Mendoza?

    It's only a partial eclipse. You'll have to wait till 2019 to get a full solar eclipse in Mendoza.
  10. scottlyon

    Indian - Thai food

    Barrio Chino has Thai curry paste bags which only require the meat, veg and coconut milk to be added for a traditional tasting Thai curry. Indian; I'd recommend YouTube and seeing how to do your own - it isn't difficult but I've not found any restaurants which are anywhere near as spicy or as...
  11. scottlyon

    Paypal + Argentina Government Bank Website Hacked!

    Hey all, The Internet group which goes by the name of 'Anonymous' has led a few attacks to commemorate the 5th of November celebration of Guy Fawkes. The most important to mention is the alledged hacking of 28,000+ Paypal account which have been listed here, if you find an email address you...
  12. scottlyon

    "the Most Disgraceful Game In Football History" Yr: 1967

    Have you ever seen an Old Firm match LostinBA? Drama looms around the Hoops (And the Bears) all the time - this is just another example of it.
  13. scottlyon

    Volunteering opportunity at leading Argentine think tank - interested?

    Brenda you really do need to allow people to background check your organisation easily by providing a link. Here's CIPPEC's site for potential candidates. 'Argentina's best think tank' might benefit here from a touch of reflective practise and add this into it's future 'employment' protocols.
  14. scottlyon

    Microsoft Surface tablets running Windows 8

    Above is the advert for it, there's little by way of technical specifications or absolute pricing yet but it 10 days they will be readily available (In the US at least). This may be another point of which tablet to choose for our members here and for travellers in general. I'm a little iffy...
  15. scottlyon

    Training Ship Libertad Detained in Ghana

    I'm not too impressed with the wording of the Business Insider article. I'm assuming that like Wikipedia anyone can contribute to it but unlike Wikipedia bias and opinion cannot be balanced by other people afterwards. That said, you can't hijack a navy boat. If this were a country and not a...
  16. scottlyon

    Internet censored !!

    Thanks guys, sorry for forgetting to close my brackets! Odd thing, I'm guessing it shares it's hosting with a site which Fibertel doesn't like as, by itself, there is nothing controversial there. Good to know Speedy worked and it's probably not some conspiracy thingy-me-bobby!
  17. scottlyon

    Internet censored !!

    I know this is an oldie and sorry for bringing it back to life but I cannot seem to access the site [][url] unless through a proxy. I'm with Fibertel and get redirected to It's not a political or controversial site in the least and am curious as...
  18. scottlyon

    Joomla and PHP Consulting Work

    Why are you moving from WordPress if you don't mind me asking? Joomla is great and all but I don't see any benefits it has over WordPress.
  19. scottlyon

    computer privacy meetups

    I'm curious.
  20. scottlyon

    Iphone 5 To Be Announced Sept 12!

    Agreed! Darn those scientists for all their labeling woes, making observations and then attempting to detect patterns which help them form reliable predictions which have benefited mankind ad infinitum!! Interesting article though, limit choice and increase productivity(?) Seems viable enough...