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  1. Stafford

    Spanish tutor/class, focused on speaking

    Hola Julia! My husband Fernando is a Spanish tutor with tons of experience. He can do lessons in person in Buenos Aires or over Zoom. I’ll send you his WhatsApp in a PM
  2. Stafford

    Looking for an Tour Guide (English Speaking)

    Mariano — +54 9 11 2319-2563 He’s licensed by the city of Buenos Aires. He works for an agency that’s currently listed #1 on TripAdvisor. Here’s the review I left for them after they organized a private tour for visiting family last month: Carla did a fabulous job organizing the details and...
  3. Stafford

    Do Flybondi, Aerolineas and Jetsmart weigh and measure carryons?

    95% of the time you are in the clear. Traditionally my carry-on has almost always been a couple kilos over the limit. I can never seem to keep it to 8 kg for a one week trip and I don’t really trust the baggage handling system - not just in Argentina, but anywhere in the world. Remember...
  4. Stafford

    Overstayed visa payment

    Nothing is quick at Antártida. That would be a whole morning of trámites. Much better to just get to the airport an hour earlier than otherwise and handle it there.
  5. Stafford

    BAExpat Member Featured In the La Nación

    Freak out about what this could mean for things like apartment rentals (I get it) or channel that energy and be welcoming. Personally, I remember once just arriving - also during a surge, in 2008. My country was going through a financial crises, not a war in which civilians my age were being...
  6. Stafford

    Hotels charging MEP rate for cash payments since Friday

    I think this is an anecdote of a single person being ripped off. Unfortunately for them. We have a hotel booked in Misiones next month and the price was quoted in dollars which is very normal (the Alvear hotel group does this as a standard practice for example, for all guests - citizens and...
  7. Stafford

    Foreign credit cards purchases at MEP rate

    So who is running down to the closest ATM this morning to give this a try? Perhaps not those of us with residency… but very curious. Perhaps take out $10 and check your bank to see what exchange rate you get. If you don’t get MEP, this group can pitch in to cover the difference ha ha
  8. Stafford

    Foreign credit cards purchases at MEP rate

    When you think about supply and demand, I could see the blue rate jumping pretty quickly if this happens. The supply of green backs entering the country would decrease in a meaningful way. However demand from Argentines looking to convert their pesos to dollars would not decrease. MEP would...
  9. Stafford

    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, Nov 1 at MAWII in Palermo

    2 from my family will be there!
  10. Stafford

    New Years Eve in Buenos Aires

    We’re not yet Russia here - another champagne topic. Although I image like most of us, a remisero may be drinking domestic sparking wine from Argentina. 🥂
  11. Stafford

    Do we need a roundtrip ticket on a Tourist Visa?

    I believe the suggestions about booking a return with miles or an outward journey on Buquebus would give you the most peace of mind. Having said said, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be asked. Bien viaje!
  12. Stafford

    Tourist visa - Can I leave and come back to reset visa?

    Rest assured, you will be fine and reacquainted with Fido. A minority say otherwise but the vast majority of us who have been around for a few years can attest that Argentina has a very friendly stance on immigration. Good luck with your trip. It sounds like you have a lot to worry about with...
  13. Stafford

    Spanish Tutor Needed In Recoleta

    I can strongly recommend Fernando. He taught me Spanish. A lot of people on this forum have had him as their professor and have been pleased. His site:
  14. Stafford

    Reasons to be sad

    I was thinking we could utilize this thread as a conduit to talk about water boarding. But seriously, I am heading back in a month after being away for four months. Aside from my long term love interest in Buenos Aires, is there anything else to look forward to? Lord knows the beef in Chicago is...
  15. Stafford

    Buying RT ticket on AA in BA with ARS?

    Thank you. I will be back in a couple months, so I can do it myself. I also have a very trusted person who can take care of it down there if I decide to do it beforehand. I just want to be sure it is actually permitted and if anyone has had any success with it.
  16. Stafford

    Buying RT ticket on AA in BA with ARS?

    Hey all, As a perma-tourist (no DNI), would I be able to walk into an American Airlines reservations office in BA and buy a round trip ticket to the US with Argentine pesos? I know that the fare is based in USD and calculated at the official rate. So there are clear advantages of converting USD...
  17. Stafford

    Cheap but romatic place for weekend

    Had a very romantic time in this place about four years ago. We were the first tenants they ever had there. And we're still together, so maybe it has some luck ;-) I wouldn't exactly call it cheap. Looks like the price has hiked considerably. Don't remember what we paid way back then, but it was...
  18. Stafford


    I know this has been discussed on previous threads, but things change so quickly regarding all this. You now may actually be better off bringing the pesos to the US. I heard first hand that Wells Fargo will accept ARS at the rate of $4.95. For non-account holders, they charge a 2% fee. I heard...
  19. Stafford

    US partner visa?

    Just to confirm something... I'm assuming OP is a woman... In which case, ah how lucky all of you heterosexual couples are. If OP is a man, you're screwed. Welcome to our world.
  20. Stafford

    ATM receipts with dollar withdrawal

    Sorry pal, you're completely out of luck. Tried it and it does not work. ATM receipts do not count as 'proof of funds' for buying back dollars. Looks like you'll just have to have champagne breakfast, lunch, and dinner before leaving here.