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    Skype And Possible Solutions

    I have never had any issues either - calls are free. But you can always set up a VPN so you appear to be calling from the US or Canada. I use TunnelBear - very easy to use and there is a reasonable amount of bandwidth with their free account.
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    Skype And Possible Solutions

    Use Google Hangouts. It is better than Skype - you can also control the bandwidth for video (less resolution means it will work most of the time). Also with Google Hangouts you can call US and Canadian personal phone numbers for free. Good if you need to call family and friends there who don't...
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    Australian Fingerprints Question

    Hi all, I am applying for residency and need to get my fingerprints done to send to the Australian Fed Police. Unlike the US FBI, the AFP doesn't have a specific form for fingerprints. I went to my local comisaría and they told me that I needed to request a form from my Embassy. Of course the...