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    Cozy & budget flat for sleeping 2/3 people - I'm the owner

    hi, people My flat is located in Monserrat, area more commonly called Congreso, on San Jose St. walking distance to San Telmo, for instance it's a 2 room flat: a double bed bedroom (full bathroom en suite) (with bidet! I remembered the current poll hehe), a living room with sofa bed, full...
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    camera repairs

    I had a good experience with this one that I met at mercadolibre (a kind of ebay) Flash Service Talcahuano 860, 1ro "D" 4813-0871
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    I need an apartment in San Isidro

    yes, do that. because the garantias you can buy can be detected. Inmobiliarias (real state) do it, it's part of their job (of course there are also some inmobiliarias that want their comission, and offer you the garantia, something from what the owner has no notice). Better offer to owner to...
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    Appartment in San Isidro

    I've been asking about in another forum (locals forum). Firstly they told me to do what you're doing: asking about a similar building, but none of them lived in S.I..... but the last one told me this, I'll try to put his words in English as well as I can.... "The enterprise who built the...
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    Appartment in San Isidro

    if you are decided to buy That appartment, ask to the owner previous bills to check yourself how much ABL, water and expenses cost, because those bills won't change. about TV cable, telephone and internet, Telecentro is offering a special service combining the 3 things by only $ARG 139, not...
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    hi, people, I'm a local, and I'm really ready to help you with your question any time I can, I've been trip adviser for years in Lonely Planet forum. as far it seems that it's not forbidden to talk about my property, I'll tell you also that I'm owner of a flat located in Monserrat (also called...
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    New to BA - San Isidro

    San Isidro is beautiful, anyway, how did you decide to live there? some reference from friends?
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    does anyone know..

    There was a strike. Ministerio de Trabajo got involved to solve it meanwhile working in the real answer (workers claim for a better promotion and career system).
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    Estancia recommendation?

    the thing is that all the estancias are very expensive. They are mostly tourist oriented. It happened that the old families owners of these estancias were not able to afford them anymore and then changed, opening them to public, but not for everybody. You can find almost real castles, and more...
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    Coming soon, but need some advice... please!

    good points here. I get astonished to see how many travelers go by there without any kind of medical insurance. Better if you have one. And yes, there's no need to listen someone speaking to know that is not local. This happens here and everywhere, I think. I'm porteña, and was able to...
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    cheap hotels in BA, any ideas?

    Many cheap hotels on avenida de Mayo, around 30 dollars a single room (no less). some of them could be: Hotel Marbella Hotel Mari Plaza (people from my job delegations go there), on Bartolome Mitre Ave. cheaper places...