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    Western Union money transfer

    It was "GECO" I believe, but it did not work for me this morning.
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    Thoughts on working remotely in BA with the time difference?

    Since dinner is later in the evening it's incredibly convenient. You can enjoy the day, work throughout the afternoon and you can still go get a proper meal.
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    The cons of living in Bariloche

    I spent 2020 in Bariloche. Well, about 6 months there, and 6 months 20 min away in Dina Huapi. There is a fiber optic line in town, but I had trouble tracking down an apartment or house that had it (renting). I believe I was able to get 12 mbps, though the slow latency to the United States...
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    Tourism open yet?

    I just flew EZE to Dallas a couple of days ago, which was one of two options from American, the other was to Miami. I have a personal preference for Delta, but the price on AA was too good. I'm not sure if they have been cancelling flights. I did see cancelled flights from Bariloche to Buenos...
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    I’ve been stuck in migraciones 2 hours..won’t let me enter

    This is why I lurk around here
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    Poll: Which will kill more Argentines: the COV-19 Virus or the Quarantine?

    I live/visit a small town on route 40. I understand it is a frequent stop for truckers from Osorno, Chile who are apparently exempt from the closed border. Our landlord says there is no way for the local supermarket to differentiate between them and actual residents. While this is anecdotal...
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    Poll: Which will kill more Argentines: the COV-19 Virus or the Quarantine?

    To ensure the medical system doesn't collapse (severe cases > ICU beds/ventilators). My girlfriend and I comply with the quarantine, only going into public to go to the grocery store and pharmacy, which we do as infrequently as possible. We are still exposed, but it will take a longer amount of...
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    Poll: Which will kill more Argentines: the COV-19 Virus or the Quarantine?

    Testing has to be a priority if the government (any of them) is going to make good decisions. Then there needs to be a plan to reopen the economy slowly, keeping severe cases under the number of ICU beds/ventilators. My point is, lifting the shelter in place too soon or maintaining it at this...
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    U.S. debit cards

    Mine have worked quite well, but I believe the current exchange rate is about 63-64. Ouch.
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    Western Union money transfer

    I pretty sure it's 90 days to pick up funds.