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    netbook $300us, laptop $300us, camera $250 for sale

    Heading home (temporarily!) and lightening the load - some stuff for sale: The netbook is from Asus, the EEEpc in white, 4gb hard drive 2.2 lbs with a 3 hour battery, wifi, linux open office. The Dell is a small one though not as small at the Asus; less than three pounds (about 1.4 kg I...
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    Anybody have an old PC for free or cheap?

    I'm getting rid of my Dell Inspiron 300n for $300 usd. I replaced the HD a year ago with a 60gb drive, so should be pretty reliable for a while yet. Also comes with a separate DVD/CD reader. My boyfriend is also selling his Asus EEEpc, 4gb, $300usd. Newer, smaller, great for carrying...