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    Incomes in India: how does Argentina compare?

    Numbeo uses official exchange rate for ARS. Using dolar blue, right now Argentina is probably 25% cheaper than India.
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    group to practice my Spanish - free weekly event. There's a spanish table as well as english, french, portuguese and italian. I practice french, but there are always a few foreigners who come to practice spanish.
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    Supermarkets in Argentina are twice as dear as London

    Just by seeing how they compare price of units in the UK to kilos in Argentina, without even trying to make a simple conversion, tells me a lot about objectivity of this article. Numbeo data is a lot more objective and up to date...
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    Coffee Chat - Wed 8 Oct 2014, 4-7Pm (Barrio Norte)

    I'll stop by around 5:30.
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    How Did You Learn Spanish?

    Private lessons is the fastest and most effective way. 2 classes/2 hours per week is plenty. 20 hours/week in a tourist school is a waste of time. Better spend this time practicing spanish with the locals and absorbing learned material. You'll save both time and money.
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    Aerolineas Argentinas? Visas And Paying In Cash

    Aerolineas' Cabildo and Congreso de T. office. Paid in cash. The 20% charge is applied to the price. Plus they charge you a small fee for paying in cash. One tip: make an online reservation just before you head to the office. This way you won't have any surprise differences in price. Bargain...
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    Aerolineas Argentinas? Visas And Paying In Cash

    I don't have residency, and I have just bought a ticket in cash this monday. Not the first time i do it with Aerolineas. Never any problem.
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    Looking for Spanish teacher

    Juan was my teacher 5 years ago when i started learning spanish.
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    Blue rate? What is it now? How can I find out? - "informal" line
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    Pluna is out of business

    In case anybody bought tickets from, you'll probably need to consider alternatives. I think they are officially out of business as of thursday night.
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    Question about Portuguese language study in BsAs

    Private classes are the way to go if you're serious about learning the language. James, if you're interested, PM me for the info of the tutor I used. He's a native speaker of course.
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    How did you learn your Spanish?

    A sequence of options 5 and 4.
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    In need of a massage

    Check out any bigger gyms, they usually have masseuses on stuff with reasonable rates. That's what i did.
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    calling cards for calling USA

    Any reason why you don't want to use Skype?
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    Expats making friends with Porteños

    Well, if the thread is about porteños vs. the rest of Argentina, then it's very subjective. There's always province vs big city love-hate relationship. Argentina is not special in this sense (ask any russian what he thinks about people from Moscow:)) Having said that, i have a few porteños that...
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    Expats making friends with Porteños

    I think your proportion of locals to expat friends will grow with your knowledge of spanish. When i came here first a few years ago, i naturally was looking for people who speak at least a bit of english. Now that i'm fluent, i virtually do not have long-term expat friends in Buenos Aires. They...
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    Winter ( The worst is yet to come )

    Alright, 6 hour of puny, barely-visible snow is still nothing compared to 6 months of it in the part of Russia where i lived:) I think people should enjoy things while they last. You'll be remembering cold with envy sometime after October, so better enjoy it now, and look forward for more:)...
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    groupon credit card problems?

    AmEx works (although they'll charge you 3% exchange fee). Rapipago is the next option. Print out the coupon and you'll have 5 days to pay it in any location where Rapipago is accepted (google for locations, there're plenty).
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    Winter ( The worst is yet to come )

    Complaining about cold in BA is a bit silly to me. Nor does this winter seem to be much colder than the previous 3 winters i spent in BA. The 2 hour snow on July 4th 2007 could only be an event for people who never saw snow. Maybe it has to do with the fact that i'm russian, but BA still has...
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    Looking to buy an Iphone-Used, 3g, 4g

    I'd offer you mine, but i haven't unlocked it yet.