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    Cheapest Happy Hours? that pub has a unique character, successful cocktail and cheapy happy hours, enjoy.
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    Live Performance Music Art For Lonely Soul

    Anyone want to go out to listen live music or anyone knows any exhibition tonight ? thank you for something.
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    Best Options For Buenos Aires To Cordoba?

    I took a train from Buenos to Cordoba and it was so much fun! plus almost three times cheaper! go in Agatha Christie style:)
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    Is It Not Time For Another Baexpats Picnic ?

    what a cool idea:) count me in!
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    4 Native English Speaking Actores Needed.

    is it just for male actors? My flatmate is the Shakespeare female actress
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    Australia Day 2013 - Saturday 26 January

    I lived in Sydney; I miss that atmosphere and I can cook for all BA's Aussies in my house tomorrow, just let me know what are food requests. don't forget to bring booze. gooday :))
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    Spanish Grammar Book

    Where and when may pick it up ?
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    Spanish Grammar Book

    Hi Ms Palermo , I am glad to take one of them. Can you just tell me that where and when may I pick them up ? (In PM please)
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    Spanish Grammar Book

    thanks for replays .
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    Hiring A Chef

    I am a chef, but I have never tired to be a private cook :)) should be interesting just I would like to know what is your expectation ? I'am able to cook healthy staff mostly mediterranean or asian food. thank you
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    Spanish Grammar Book

    I am looking forward to learn spanish, I have a friend who is going to teach me spanish so we need grammar book. I couldn't find out any today. They said only provider is language schools and they don't seel out. Someone has used all newbooks to sell or trade with something :)) thank you.
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    Hello everyone, I am deniz and newcomer , looking a job as a chef I have language barrier at this moment :)) you think it's possible ? I have worked in UK, Italy and Australia as chef. Thanks for advices. deniz.
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    Looking For English Teacher

    Hi, I am Maggie from London. I have been doing private lessons for three years now. Will be glad to help:) [email protected]