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    Anyone Know What Happened To La Guardiola?

    I was in BA a couple years ago and will be going back later this year. One of my favorite restaurants was La Guardiola, I believe it was on Jorge Newbery near Luis Maria Campos. After some brief searching it appears it has since been closed: http://www.tripadvis...l_District.html Does anyone...
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    Us-Arg. Banking Question

    alright, thanks!
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    Us-Arg. Banking Question

    True, but she would be able to get a new check from the school in that case anyway.
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    Us-Arg. Banking Question

    Apologies in advance as I guess this isn't really an "expat" question, but I wasn't sure where else to ask - it's not for me, but an Argentine friend. A couple years ago, my friend was awarded a scholarship to teach English in the US for 1 year at the university I was then attending. She's now...
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    Issues With Website For Rec. Fee (Us)

    Hi, I'm currently in Chile, have already been to Argentina/paid the reciprocity fee. Can't find my original receipt, so I'm trying to log into the Provincia Pagos website to re-print it. I entered my e-mail to retrieve my password, and it was sent. However, I can't remember my username, and I...
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    Bsas - Uruguay (Buqueubus/seacat)

    Hi, I am planning to get return tickets from one of the ferries to Colonia or Montevideo (would like to leave tomorrow evening or Friday if possible). I know both companies have websites where you can purchase tickets, however I don't have a credit card. What is the easiest way for me to get a...
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    Looking For Camera Battery (Nikon S70)

    Thanks, will check it out tomorrow.
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    Looking For Camera Battery (Nikon S70)

    Hi guys, I'm a university student from the U.S., taking a semester to study in BsAs. I have a Nikon S70 camera that I've had for several years; the battery is rechargable but I think it just died. I've asked around at several random Kodak shops and nobody seems to know, except for one Chinese...